Monday, September 29, 2008


Who'da thunk it?
I really am homesick. It manifests itself in weird ways.
On nice days I look outside and think "What a beautiful day to ride Jemma...oh wait"
I saw a guy today with hair like my buddy Porky Lewis (huge black curly) and I almost yelled hey, but then I realized I'm not in Elmira, I don't know everyone.
I went to Tim Hortons and couldn't chat about life with the employees
It's never dark outside at night
I can never wander around and sing and talk to myself, because there are people
Walking in barefeet is too dangerous, so I gotta wear shoes
On friday night when I'm chilling by myself I can't phone up the boys and organize an adventure
I can't stay up all night arbitrarily
I have no one to tease like my little sister
I have no one to pick on me like my older brother and his friends
No one ever sings or plays the piano for me
I have no piano to play in the dark
I never see my teachers at the store
I don't have the huge bookshelves with books I've read a hundred times and still love

That's what my home is to me: familiarity.

But I'm starting to settle in better. Mostly I've found comfort in books: both new discoveries and old favourites. And listening to familiar music. Jack Johnson *heart*! And I've found things I like about where I am.

The public transit system: still a novelty
People watching is actually interesting
Shopping for myself
Skipping class to hang with my roomie
Being in cool clubs like fencing and debating
Learning (sorta)
The ridiculous things my physics prof does
Facebooking and blogging during class (guess who's in latin!)
My new cell phone

I'm having a pretty happy day. I got a letter from my friend Jenni and it made me so ridiculously happy. And I went to lunch with 2 friends and had some awesome banananana...(oh crap!) bread.

Skipping down the cobblestones and feeling groooovy!

*edited*-- if you ever need a random passtime, read a bridal magazine. It'a actually pretty cool to look at al the pretty stuff. aesthetically satisfying, because I *heart* shiny stuff!

*edited again*-- I HATE THE WORD "ONUS"!!!!

*and again*-- . What is the world coming to? I hate mondays!

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