Sunday, September 7, 2008

Avoiding the angst!

Go me!
I've just been buoying myself up with xkcd comics and my recently updated music library.

I still feel homeless. But being able to lounge and chat with my roomies about the weekend helped. I'm settling in.

I brought a few things to make this feel more like my own spot. Namely, my random music library. From Woody Guthrie to Metallica to Pierre Lapointe, it makes me feel like I'm my weird little self again.

Anyway, the weekend was cool. Went out with the guys and played fortunes and turned my minivan into a mad party on wheels with the song "What Is Love". Couldn't be sad while feeling my minivan bounce under me and getting funny looks from other drivers with their windows out. Also went to look at kitties in petcetra and there were really cute ones :D.

I love furry animals! I want to own a zoo!
And I had tea!

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