Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Something new!

I got my ear pierced.
Like the upper cartilage part. My roomie and I went out this afternoon (I skipped Latin) and took the bus downtown. We wandered around forever trying to find the right place. It was a really reputable one, too. My roomie got her eyebrow pierced. It was actually really exciting, but it hurt like burning you mouth. Not too horrible, but you keep feeling it forever afterward. Also, I have cold so water tastes funny.

I hate country music! There is barely anything that can cause me so much frustration just by its existence. The stupid lame metaphors, the stupid lame ideas, the stupid lame chord structures, the stupid lame twangyness, the stupid lame people who think it is the only style of music... ARGH!
I shouldn't be able to sing along with the song the first time I hear because of its sheer predictability! My roomie just agreed with me. Props!
Actually, country music is good for one thing: hoedowns. Two-stepping and square dancing wouldn't be the same.
I prefer the polka myself.
Or not dancing. I'm reeeeally good at that.

So it's been an interesting day. I may or may not be addicted to getting piercings now...

And I start pilates tomorrow!!! And I have to go to debating,which kidna sucks, because I think I mentioned that they think I'm a dumb nincompoop. Oh well. I get free trips out of it. I'll just try to be a little less overpoweringly Becca for the next while and hopefully they will get used to me. But seriously, the one guy there was the cockiest little numbnutty butt-wipe I've ever met. And that's who's supporting Stephen Harper. Yah you may be winning, but no one likes you :P

Apologies to any readership who supports the Harper government. He has goofy hair, and therefore cannot have my approval.

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  1. skipping latin to get piercings?!!?!?
    hahahaha that's what I like to hear!
    stephen harper is creepy.
    and my friend is obsessed with jack layton. as in, he came to our school and she wanted to stalk him.