Sunday, September 21, 2008

See-saw balance day

So the day didn't goe exactly as planned. Emily didn't end up coming along, which made me less happy, because I really wanted to see her.

But there were unexpected positive things. I had an awesome time talking with my buddy Eric whom I haven't seen/talked to in a long time. Just being goofy with bits of serious at random. I love band camp bonds. And I played on a real vintage mechanical pinball! It's so awesome! Lights and bells and lots of fun! I even got the highest score out of everyone (I also played like a LOT of times)

I got asked by a guy's sister if I would go to a movie with him. I said "yah, sure, as long as he understands that I don't to any extent like him in 'that' sense". Then I was told I was going to marry him, to which I strongly objected. He's not rich enough. Band camp jokes.

And on the less happy side, I ate 3 pieces of pizza today. My digestive system is displeased. Screw that.

But I had an awesome time. Even though the majority was me having random little chats with people, and random long chats with a few others, it was awesome. I don't even care that I spent nearly $40 on gasoline to drive from Elmira to Kitchener toToronto to Missisauga to Milton to Elmira to Kitchener to Elmira...

I had a pretty ballin' time.

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