Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A bit delayed ... :D

I haven't been able to blog as smoothly lately because of internet connection issues in my residence. But here is my update:

I cracked open one of the books that I brought with me that I'd never read before. It is by the author Stephen Leacock, who I knew I had read and enjoyed, but I couldn't for the life of me remember what he had written. It was a collection called "Literary Lapses": basicly a collection of little articles and blurbs that the author had just lumped together into this book. Much like a blog :D
Anyhow, the first piece was entitled "My Financial Career". Sounds boring eh? It turned out to be one of the most delightfully ridiculous pieces I've ever read. Just plain goofy! And every article succeeding it became weirder. For example: "A New Pathology". This piece is the author turning clothing malfunctions into diseases. Explodius is losing buttons. Hard to explain, but it was frikken hilarious.

And it was comforting to know that all through history there have been people with the same weird sense of humour and crazy as me :D

And I believe there is nothing more warming and enjoyable on this campus than a Williams Chai Tea Latte. Nothing.

I had an insanely happy day yesterday. And today is sunny and just a bit chilly and I've been enjoying people watching. And I have Latin this afternoon which means I will be checking blogs frantically for something to occupy myself with, and maybe striking up a conversation with that interesting guy who is like quadrilingual.... :D

Some random guy just gave me a bus pass... bonus!!

Oh, and deep thought from biology today: Why do living things reproduce?
Think about that for a while. I may complete my thoughts on it during Latin :D

The cool rastafarian guy sitting on the couch next to mine just got rejected by bus pass man.

Is really the only point of reproduction in nature to carry the life process beyond the span of the individual? That strikes me as morbidly sad.

Ah well, I got made so I'm going to enjoy my lattes and people watching and bus pass and Stephen Leacock.

..... :D

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  1. maybe the only point of reproduction really is to carry on the life process... maybe that's why it's done in such a way that brings desire and pleasure to us, a bit of a reward for such a morbid thing eh? ;) lol.
    also, chai lattes from williams are the bomb. curse you thunder bay for your lack of williams coffee shops!!