Monday, June 30, 2008

The Past Two Days

Well, one and a half.
But it feels longer.
Yesterday evening I was hanging out at my house by myself working on some quilts I'm making when I suddenly thought of my friend Glenda who I hadn't really seen in a while. And I thought hey, why don't I juss call her up and see if she can hang out.
So I did, and she could, so I went and picked her up and we went to Timmies at about...7 ish. We sat and chatted. Then we went to the park and chatted. Then we went to McDonalds and chatted. Then we walked and chatted. Then we went to the Price Chopper parking lot and chatted. Then at about midnight we went home.
It felt good to talk to Glenda again, like we used to when we were kids, sitting on her bed for hours and hours talking about anything and everything and then anything again. It's the weirdest thing, because even though we come from extremely different backgrounds, we think a lot the same way, and we can relate to each other really well.
And I know that I usually complain about the fact that I was sent to a mennonite school for 3 years and that I hated it, but I should stop that. The fact that I've made a friend for life through that freak expreience makes it worthwhile.

Anyhow, tonight was fun also. $50 worth of fireworks and some crazy friends: priceless.
I love the feeling of laughing so hard I think I might pee or pass out from lack of air.
I love the feeling of being with people who don't expect me to be the respoinsible one.
I don't love the feeling of the burn on my thumb. Oochie.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rain, Steak, and Dreadlocks

So I had the time of my life camping
Getting to spend a whole weekend with my friend Amalie without having to worry about work or school or my mother was a luxury.
The food was unbelievable. We cooked everything over an open fire made of cedar wood, so it was awesome.
We hiked around Elora Gorge and wallowed in the mud and got completely filthy.
We got strangely high off of mosquito coils and played a strange game of Settlers of Catan.
We whined about Colgate and the Criminal and obsessed about our dear Smart Friend who will be gone for the next month.
We invited the Criminal, Porky, and The Overly Nice One up for an evening.
We slept in a minivan
We made the awesomest campfire of all time
We annoyed the people accross the street with a burping contest and screaming.
In other words, I'm so glad I didn't g to prom! Hah! Why get dressed up for one night when you can wallow in puddles for two?
So I am very pleased with the whole weekend, even though it rained, and now Amalie is gonna get dreadlocks. And I'm not as worried about school in the fall. I feel so bubbly right now, like ginger ale

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Best Songs about Rain

Singing in the Rain - Not sure of the Artist
Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head - Ben Folds Five
Rain - Breaking Benjamin
Listen to the Rythm of the Falling Rain - Cascades
Raindrops Prelude - Frederic Chopin
Rain Dance - The Guess Who
A Little Fall of Rain - Stephen Sondheim (Les Miserables)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Rodgers and Hammerstein I think
The Rainbow Connection - The Muppets
November Rain - Guns and Roses
I Wish It Would Rain - The Temptations
Stormy Weather - Ella Fitzgerald
The Journey : Rain Dance - Karl Jenkins

Hopefully some of these are known and those that aren't known will become known becasue they are all very good. More Suggestions?

Just a post

I just feel like blogging, no specific idea in place
I've had a good day so far.
Not like wild crazy fun like some of my previous days, but more wholesome. Like that awesome County Harvest Sunflower Flax bread.
I may actually be going camping! Remains to be seen.
I found out that I will be working day shifts full time starting Tuesday.
I was listening to the song "Mix Tape" by Brand New. I've liked this song ever since I discovered it on my computer a few month back. I feel oddly connected to it. It reminds me of someone, and I don't know who. I think it recalls to me the feeling of suburban complacency. I feel angry towards SUV-driving soccer moms and those tiny lots with massive houses and those immaculately groomed little places that have no room for nature. God forbid that anything living like a stray dog, a grubby kid, or a new thought should penetrate their joyous routine. Wake, Work, Smile, Sleep. And do not think a thing.
The rain is pouring right now.
Rain like this is really alive, I think. It always makes me happy to know that some suburban soccer mom has had her plans perforated but nature. Lady, you can control your SUV, your child, your beautiful lawn and house and IKEA furniture, but in you vx nature, nature will win.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

For everyon at Tim Hortons:

This is really how customers are:
Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

But oh! those summer nights!

yah, I'm loving this summer so far. *knock on wood*.
Hung out with the guys tonight, had a jolly time watching "A knight's Tale" and going for a walk. Just hanging out.
Almost had to castrate my one buddy for repeated smacking of my butt. Anger
And the brother is actually going for the BSC, thus rage. But I suppose I've got to come to terms with it and make an attempt at liking her.
Anyway, tonight was good, CAMPING IN 12 HOURS!

Summer is for happiness

So I woke up today on my first official day of summer holidays. My first day of my last summer before university.
And today rocked, and it's only 5:13. I read for most of the morning. I mostly am completely oblivious to the world when I read, but I was roused from my dormancy by the sound of voices outside my living room window. I looked outside and found Awesome Hott Guy and this other guy outside my window. They work for my dad and were doing lawncutting and so forth at my house today. So from about 11 am to 3 pm there was Awesome Hott Guy without a shirt at my house. This guy can also occasionally be found cutting the grass at Price Chopper. Whenever there is a white landscaping trailer and pickup about, one should keep an eye out for him,. because he is sensational. He used to have dread, but he cut them and now has shortish delightfully curly hair.
I know I'm rambling, but he's really cool. He also has personality and musicalness, so I plan to somehow date him.
In other news, I'M GOING CAMPING TOMORROW!!!! I'm really excited because I've gotten cabin fever from being around my family too much this week.
And I believe I'm going out with the guys tonight. Life makes me smile.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I'm all stressed out today.
First: bio exam tomorrow
Second: The BSC and my brother....ick
Third: My mother
Fourth: Cabin fever from being around my family
I'm just spazzily emotionaly you know?
And paranoid,
Anyhow, on facebook I found this application called "Would you rather" and one answers questions choosing which option of two which they prefer. Anyhow, a lot of the questions made me think like would I rather be deaf or blind. I decided blind. But I would miss seeing my Jemma and trees and my friends' expressions. But I think I would miss sound more. The sound of my house settling at night, the sounds of nature, and music. Anyway, I am very thankful for my ears and eyes. There were a lot about finding true love.
True love is a strange concept. I think that people are compatible with a number of partners, but which one they end up commiting to depends on circumstances and chance really. But we all have a number of people that we fit with. So if one feels like they screwed it up with the only person they ever loved, one should settle down and open up to loving the rest of the perfect matches for them
Also, my one buddy from band camp had done a whole bunch of the questions and I was looking at his answers. Every time it was an option between lik love and anything, he took the anything. I, of course, went crazy psycoanalytical on him. Of course he wants to be loved. He is a human. But I think he feels like he's been waiting for so long that clearly there's no one that will ever understand him. I understand that. It's hard to find someone that thinks you're interesting enough to spend time with but familiar enough to trust and finding someone who can see every little facet and irregularity of your mind and personality is... you understand. It takes work and patience and I think trust in the greater forces that they were kind enough to put a person in line for you.
I had an intenselt jolly friday night, btw. I sabotaged my friend's car with a few other friends. We left a pair of men's underwear on his windshield and wrote a phone # and :"call me" on his window. It was awesome. After that we went to the Galaxy theatre parking lot and wrote about 20 little fortunes on pieces of paper and left them on people's windshields.
Sample fortunes:
You can fly.
Your next meal will consist of food
The sun will rise on tuesday. And wednesday. But not thursday
The force is with you if you stand completely still. Once you move, you're on your own
You will soon begin a search for purpose. It will be cut short by a barn animal.
Someone thinks you're sexy. They live in Thailand
And so forth. I hope the people who recieved them got a smile for the day.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Undefined sickness

So lately I've not been feeling well. Headaches, stomach issues, lack of appetite, lack of focus, tiredness. It's frustrating cuz it makes it hard to have fun when I'm out with people. Anyway
The undefined sickness is also a name I give to the affliction of one-down-manship. People who always will say "That ain't nothing" to anything you tell them that hurt you or bothered you or was rough on you.
Not really what I mean at the start, but when he gets into the wisdom teeth part, that's what I'm thinking of. I know I've ranted about this before. No matter how bad your situation is, theirs is ultimately worse.
And it's frustrating, because I want to matter also. I want to know that somone will take a second off of their life to sympatize with me. Share and share alike. I will return the favour gladly when I can.
Like Brian Regan says: Listen, don't just wait for me to finish.
By the way, is getting your wisdom teeth pulled really bad? I'm considering just leaving mine in, cuz they're natural, so why not.
Oh, last day of classes today. Not nostalgic at all.

Monday, June 16, 2008


So in an earlier post I mentioned my older sister's Bible school friends. There was one I wasn't particularly attracted to.
That one is being hooked up with my older brother.
Ok, so I'm sure that said chick is a nice person, but for my brother, nice person is not acceptable.
Here are my problems with the Bible school chick (the BSC):
1: She has me labelled as a cynic. I am cynical. But only sometimes. Remember that people have more sides than anyone can possibly dream. A mature one, anyway
2: She is not a deep person. I don't mean thinking about the stars and life and everything, but she lives too entirely au courante. Can't analyse anything she is not currently experiencing
3: She is exactly like my older sister. And that's not good.
Basicly, interaction with her is like talking to a pull-string doll or a robotic chat dealy. She does nothing unexpected. Nothing original spurts out of her. She still communicates as a child; her aspect is always from one perspective.
So if my brother is gonna be hanging out with this BSC, I will not be happy. I won't be mean to her, or be mad at my brother, it's just that I think he wants more out of a person and it will not work out.
Bah, stupid BSC

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Religion Point

Is religion outdated or just outside of the system of date assignment that society has created?
Once again, I steal from Mr. Chesterton.
He points out that society always accuses the church of being out of date or style. He then argues that the church is the one that is steadfast, while society is fickle, always changing preferences and ideals. When you look at history, you see cycles of conservatism and rebellion fluctuating pretty regularly. Example: 50's were conservative, 60's-mid 70's were liberal. 80's and 90's were conservative (I don't care what you argue, it's comparative to the 60's), and I belive now we are moving back to a new conservatism to hold on to while economic and international relational strife is approaching.
In every one of these decades, people would have said the church is outdated. In times of conservatism, it is labelled as a place of anger and condemnation, a barbaric icon of the past. In times of rebellion it is viewed as a pacifist grandmother, afraid to dirty her hands with the current casues.
But, using the old-school protestantism as my reference point, when did the church change? Of course, the members and focuses are always moving around, and certain ideas are more essential to some eras than others, but the rules remain constant. My Oma (Dutch grandma) believes the same things that her grandmother did, and I believe the same as she does. The rules don't change. It is as wrong to kill people now as it was in the 1700's. It was as wrong to discriminate against people for their race, sex, or economic status now as it was to then.
I'm sure my point is made. So, like Chesterton, I believe that true religion (not any of the patty-cake modernistic preppy stuff that seems to be popular now) is the most current thing ever, becasue one knows taht in the future it will still be based on the same words. One can assume that the rules will not suddenly change and allow them to steal or make it good to lie.
That is my rant for now. If more comes to me as I think over the next few days, I will post it up here.
Ooh, in other news, I went for an adventure today involving Tim Hortons, lettuce, Biye (the only Asian guy at our highschool; he's awesome), and stalking. It was exciting

Saturday, June 7, 2008


On friday morning, Tara, the horse from my last post, was euthanized. Her stomach had filled up with blood and there was nothing else the vet could do for her. I'm gonna miss having the silly old girl around. Even when she was really sick, she would always try to push me over when I was walking her around.
Yesterday evening I went out with my sister and two of her friends to visit our other friend. In spite of getting literally feasted upon by mosquitoes, it was really fun. We played basketball and had a campfire and drank tons of this awesome yerba mate tea out of an apparatus that resembled a pipe.
One of my sister's friends was thought-provoking. She made me angry actually. But when I sat and thought about why I was annoyed, I realized that I shouldn't have been. I got angry becasue she labelled everything. She has me written down as a pessimistic details person, who is always worrying too much about the fine points to enjoy the big picture. I don't think I'm like that...I could be though. She labelled my friend Cynthia after only talking to her for like half an hour. And I felt like saying to her to stop trying to define everything with these clumsy labels, becasue they cover up the beautiful shades and tints of meaning that every person has.
Bah, I was annoyed. And am yet.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Quel jour!

What a day, that means. Mine was...insane really.
Went to school this morning with not enough sleep and a new haircut. I like the haircut. Radical, emoish tendencies, nut it works with my opressively round face.
So math calss was first. We had little 5 min review presentations to do, and I had gotten mine done last weekend thinking they were due on monday. anyhow, i get up to present, pull up my powerpoint, and am informend that I did the wrong topic. go figure. so I hafta get a new presentation together, which I promised myself I would do tonight.
Biology and french classes were normal. As in annoying and altogether too long. In spare a friend and I commandeered a grade 9 music class, which was interesting. We literally just took it over.
So after school I was chilling at home, and I wanted to go to the barn to drop off this month's board. My mom told me to be home by 5. It was quarter after 3, and I just was planning on stopping, leaving the cheque, and taking off. I didn't even put socks on when I left.
So when I get to the barn, the barn manager, Lynn, is just walking down the laneway, which is odd, cuz she almost never leaves the place. I roll down my window to see what's up and she tells me one of the horses cast herself. A cast horse is one that is stuck n the ground for whatever reason. She was about to go get help from the mennonites across the street. So we go to this horse Tara's stall. She's an old horse, about 28 or so, very sweet white arab cross. She had rolled in her stall (which is ridiculously large) and managed to end up lying faicng the wall with her legs tucked against her. She had no room to flail anout and get herself up. So Lynn and I looped lead ropes around her and rolled her over, and Tara got up and looked worried.
We noticed that Tara was ridiculously sweaty. Today was hot, and this horse has a ridiculous amount of hair, but she felt like she had been standing in the rain for a few hours. Sweating is one of the major signs of pain in a horse. Lynn listened to her belly and couldn't hear anyhting for quite a while (horses have almost constant tummy gurgles). So this meant colic. Colic in horses is a bit different from in humans, though it is the same basic principle. Something bcomes stuck in the digestive tract, which causes gas and food to pack up behind it. The stomach gets bloated and uncomfortable. Most people take pepto bismol and are all good once stuff shifts around and they pass some gas or something. Horses are a bit different, Becasue of the discomfort they want to roll on the ground. This rolling often progresses to wild thrashing. The horse can twist its gut then, which means they must be euthanized. So it is essential to keep the horse from rolling, and to try to get whatever is blocking the system to move. The general way to do this is to walk the horse until they gas or poo.
So we walked Tara. The poor old girl hasn't gotten exercise since I don't know how long ago, other than her daily time in the field. She got this anti-gas stuff and mineral oil pumped into her, but that didn't help within half an hour, so Lynn called the vet. Tara had already dropped to roll once, and it's not easy to get an arthritic uncomfortable horse to stand up again on slippery mats. That was about 4 that she phoned. I kept walking Tara with Lynn's husband Doug. tara tried to roll again and was harder to get up that time. At about 5 I called my mom and siad I wouldn't be home for a while yet.
The vet showed up about quarter after 5. They gave Tara huge amounts of pain killers. Hehe, she was totally stoned about 10 minutes after the vet's arrival. The vet couldn't hear any digestive movement, so she tubed Tara (tube through nose into stomach) and flushed huge amounts of electrolytes and mineral oil into her. About quarter to 6 Tara was feeling fine, even though she was massively high. Her digestion was moving decently and she was standing and moving about a little in her stall. One of the drugs that the vet gave her casued tremours, so every minute or so she would just twitch and get the most confused expression. Hehe, it reminded me of this kid in my drama class who had acid twitches.
Anyhow, when I left around 6 Tara was doing just fine, thankfully. I'm really glad I was there on time to help. And I leared a lot. 1: I'm so pumped to be a vet 2: I never want to see a horse I like colic again 3: never leave the house without socks.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Tonight was fun. I got a message from work saying they didn't need me so instead I went to the barn and rode my horse in the wet drippy forest which was mysteriously misty and green green green. Delightful!
Then I came home and ate supper
And then went out with the boys, bought ice cream (coconut cream, amazing!) and watched "the meaning of life" and waled in the rain at about 10 ish.
The walk in the rain was my favourite. We crossed through a little bit of forest, and it felt like we had just left elmira and the world and everything and were in some strange new place of wet, slurpy noises and cool drippy trees and ligth so dim you can just see the path. and every drop of mist was an explosion of feeling. Colliding cooly with my skin and spreading down through your skin. And the rain just seeps further and further in, but it has a secret. It's not just rain. It's also every good feeling. Eventually it just goes straight through you until you have rain all in your inside, making you sloshy and wriggly and still and smiley.
And ready to explode with joy.
I really couldn't stop smiling the whole walk.
I'm lovin the rain!!!