Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Tonight was fun. I got a message from work saying they didn't need me so instead I went to the barn and rode my horse in the wet drippy forest which was mysteriously misty and green green green. Delightful!
Then I came home and ate supper
And then went out with the boys, bought ice cream (coconut cream, amazing!) and watched "the meaning of life" and waled in the rain at about 10 ish.
The walk in the rain was my favourite. We crossed through a little bit of forest, and it felt like we had just left elmira and the world and everything and were in some strange new place of wet, slurpy noises and cool drippy trees and ligth so dim you can just see the path. and every drop of mist was an explosion of feeling. Colliding cooly with my skin and spreading down through your skin. And the rain just seeps further and further in, but it has a secret. It's not just rain. It's also every good feeling. Eventually it just goes straight through you until you have rain all in your inside, making you sloshy and wriggly and still and smiley.
And ready to explode with joy.
I really couldn't stop smiling the whole walk.
I'm lovin the rain!!!

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  1. i find rain washes all our worries away... replacing it with an empty, content feeling of simply being in the moment.
    i luurve it :)