Saturday, April 26, 2008

Once more

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. Wait...who am I apologizing to? Not like much of anyone reads this anyway.
But since April 6, I've been an Aunt. Akira Hope Schwarz was born at about quarter to 6 on a Sunday evening. Apparently, being a Sunday kid, she'll be a good one. One can only hope. As children go, she's pretty cute. Usually they're butt ugly when they start out, but she's not too bad.
My family is gone for the day, so I have run of the house. I've got my music playing reasonably loud. Just finished "I was a teenage hand model" by Queens of the Stone Age. Right weird song that is, hehehe. Now on to Billy Joel. He's got one of my favourite voices ever. Smooth and mellow, but with a bright, tangy edge. Like a good glass of wine. Anyway.
Funny how fast life can change eh? Since my last post, I've become an aunt, changed jobs, my riding buddy sold her horse, and I've stopped watching online movies almost entirely. Ooh, and I have a cold.
Listening to Don Maclean "Bye Bye Miss American Pie". One of the deepest songs ever written. And sad too. "While Lennin read a book on Marx the quartet practised in the park, and we sang dirges in the dark the day the music died". It talks about all the crappy stuff in the world, and how many times all you can do is grit your teeth, stick it out, and find the music in the world. The things that make you feel like there is some good still left. The good really is getting harder and harder to find, you know? The world is a really crappy place, with all the wars and hunger and diseases and anger and whatnot.
With any luck we'll all be dead before it gets really bad eh?
I'm off to play the grand piano!!!
Well, an upright piano, but watch this video if you need a smile.
Monty Python is the music.