Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GIbberish song!

By a really scary looking Italian man named Adriano Celentano. Oddly enough, his daughter played the Satan character in the Passion of the Christ. This is good old fashioned fun!

Monday, April 26, 2010

One of those days

I'm currently in a state of mad emotion-y-ness. As in crying in the Sound of Music, wanting to punch mother in the face, needing a hug, needing to knife something, wishing for kittens.

What is happening in this silly old brain? I've been largely ignoring its little tantrums today and using music and movies to shut it up.

No Rain by Blind Melon:

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
I like watchin' the puddles gather rain
And all I can do is just pour some tea for two
and speak my point of view
But it's not sane, It's not sane
I just want some one to say to me
I'll always be there when you wake
Ya know I'd like to keep my cheeks dry today
So stay with me and I'll have it made
And I don't understand why I sleep all day
And I start to complain that there's no rain
And all I can do is read a book to stay awake
And it rips my life away, but it's a great escape
All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
ya don't like my point of view
ya think I'm insane
Its not's not sane
I have not been this dumb since grade 10. Wow.

In other news, the rest of the weekend in Ottawa was really fun! Sat in a park on sunday and then hung out with my friend Pauvre and his mother until 3 this morning.

I started going through all my clothes today, deciding what I need to get rid of for moving. Tomorrow I'm hoping to tackle the dresser which has no clothes and lots of random crap in it.
I need to start putting stuff in boxes, like my dear books and so forth. I also need another book shelf, which is shameful. I also need to do my taxes. I should start that now.... rrrrgh.

My brother's fiancee caught a bunny, but I need to go release the little guy. He is not happy indoors...

... He ran away into the field. I hope he's ok.

I now have to go clean the house cuz my parents are back from vacay.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hostels are a pretty rocking form of hospitality.

I've spent the day out and about in the city, and now my friend and sister have gone to bed and I'm sitting in a room of strangers blogging.

I hear an Aussie, an American, a guy humming along to his ipod, an Asian from Toronto describing the city to some other guy, a Brit explaining the difference between GARage and garAGE, and how the first is actually correct.

On our little walking tour of the Parliament area we were affronted by a cop who demanded to see our tickets for Parliament Hill. Our looks of confusion and fear set him off into a big ol' laugh and apparently he pulls that on every cute touristy girl he sees, and there were the three of us ;)

There are some pretty good looking fellows kicking about this place. If I had any guts at all I would strike up conversation. Guy humming to himself is reasonably good looking, and also these two guys checking over maps on the couch beside me.

So today we went to the Museum of Civilization, and it was agreed on by all that secretly installing animatronics in some of the wax figures would make the exhibits
a) exciting and
b) terrifying!
Great prank for anyone!!!

We also checked out the Nature Museum, which had dinosaurs and a moose and lots of birds. It was a good time.

Sitting in this place, full of people who are mad about travelling, makes me want to get out of Canada. I guess this is a start, getting out of KW, but I want to seeeeeee thiiiiings. Grr.

Dilemma: Seem to be absorbed in laptop and thus discourage anyone from initiating conversation


Shut off laptop and wander around hoping that I look like I want to talk to someone, not eat babies.

P.S. New York accents are difficult to listen to. At least I think that's what this comedian on TV has. Also I want a kitty :(
P.P.S. American comedy is not funny. At all.
P.P.P.S. Dreaming kitties are hilarious.
4xP.S. That lady who played Precious in that movie cannot sing to save her liffffeee. Grraaaahh!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wow, quite a day so far.

I had a jorb interview and I am now hired as a tutor! Yay! 16$/hour frik yeeeaaaa! But only like 10 hours a week :P

Drove around like a billion different places delivering stuff for my dad.

Stopped in to see Jemma.

Our dearly loved Mel's Diner and our revered Sugar Mountain burned to the ground this morning.

I got 3 new books! Madame Bovary by somethingorother Flaubert, Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo. I already had French copies of the Hugos but I wanted the English as well.

I saw as number of people I knew unexpectedly. It was weird to see them out of context, but not neccessarily unpleasant.

I made some rockin' Earl Grey tea that I chilled and am now consuming with great joy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What I've been sniggering at
So I had a classically weird dream last night. Classical in the sense that this is how most people dream.

I was living in this crazy old apartment, and I think Tory and Vee were my neighbours, and my mother was the landlady. It was on the top floor of this rickety, tilty building, and the atmosphere was not unlike the guys' house in Fight Club.

So one day my friend Schildroth shows up with his mom, and she explains that he is really sick but she is going on a trip so I need to take care of him. I give him a blanket and crackers, and just as his mom leaves he gets sick all over the carpet. I'm pissed, so I just go to work.

On my way back from work I'm just sauntering along when I see a squirrel dragging a tree branch. I feel sorry for it, so I break the branch into smaller branches and sticks. A girl comes out of the building on the same property and asks me what I'm doing. I explain and she seems relieved or something. She asks me to come with her and introduces me to all of her friends working at the zoo, and we all get along great and now I have new friends! I do recognize one of them now as Doug from band camp.

So I get a job at the zoo and we all hang out a lot and have good times.
And then I wake up. Heh.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Funny how easy it is to forget how tremendously satisfying you can find something. Funny how easy it is to let slide one of your primary joys in the face of some petty convenience.

I've read one of my books already today, and I doubt I'll go to bed without cracking another.

*Edited to add* Another jorb interview, a new person to FB creep, and a fun night out! Good day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

I have just discovered the CBC Radio 3 website in all of its indie music glory. Fun stuff!
If you are interested in a catchy little song, check out this one. Their drummer just died though :(
Also I now have the whole Charlie Winston album, so I will be taking it in with the sunshine!
I need to go outdoors more...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My evening did not go according to plan.

It was amazing.

I am currently pondering the difference between confidence and over confidence, and how facebook friend requests bring out the worst of my social anxieties. You need their approval before they are your friend, apparently. Harrowing.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

These Happy Days

I've been super enjoying time spent with friends over the last 2 weeks. Just kinda pissing life away in Jim Hortons. I like the uncomplicated, laid back amiability. Camaraderie is nearly the right word, but it frightens me a little because of 1984.

I've been thinking about friendships lately, and these days have done much to restore my faith in their value and purpose. To misquote Charlotte Bronte: There's nothing quite like the feeling that someone is happy to see you, and that your presence makes them happier.

I'm trying not to think about the fact that once I move these things are going to be impossible. It is unlikely that we'll be able to get together in the same nonchalant capacity. Even if we do arrange to hang out, we'll never get this experience quite the same way. I'm trying to let that fact loosen my grip on the good times instead of tightening it. We will not have this time again, so I should just enjoy it for what it is, and not ruin it by wishing it was something other than its own awesome thing.

Good times!

Also Jem leaves for her new home in 6 hours. I sad.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So my exams are finally over and I'm looking forward to the next few days of doing more or less nothing. A buddy of mine mentioned that he would teach me how to play chess, and on Saturday night I'm going out with a few people, so I'm pretty happy about that.

It has recently occurred to me that things like chess or rubick's cubes come really naturally to some people. They are supposed to be indicators of logic or problem solving skills. These are things I happen to not have. The only reason I can attain any sort of success in school is my ability to retain information. Thank goodness that most of the biology courses and that sort of thing are memorization of facts.

I really would like to develop problem solving skills though. I'm mostly finished with math and physics courses, which are all about problem solving, but I have a feeling the concepts will be useful in other areas of life.

In addition to this, I want to start reading books on war strategy. This sounds a little ludicrous given Canada's military position, but bear with me. I enjoy history, as I've mentioned before. All the guys who came out on top were the ones with the strategies. In many cases it was not the numbers but the plan that decided battles, wars, and history. That kind of power can't have become useless in a few generations.

That is all, I need to cook supper.

P.S. I hate it when my father forces me into family social time. I really just do not want to talk to you.

Mysterious Discoveries

About my subconscious at 3AM when I should be studying physics.

I'm not gonna say what they are, but you can assume that I enjoyed them

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not this again...

I have downloaded Plant Tycoon again....

See you next week!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To be honest, I'm really just using my laptop for warmth. The science complex gets chilly at night and i did not bring enough blanketing. I currently have my lab coat over my toes

Time to start up Spore so that I gets toasty warm
Thheeeeere we go

Study buddy is snoring away now, silly boy. I am spying on the custodian, and constructing theories on why a girl strode past here purposefully not long ago. Who has somewhere purposeful to be at 3am? Scandalous.

Sneaky stealing headphones to listen to music!

Decemberists and Charlie Winston make life a beautiful place

It has dawned on my just now how UTTERLY FREAKING SCREWED I am.
The lady at the orientation thing at the vet college yesterday must have me confused with someone else. Here is my proof for the theory.
1) She gave me 2 different start dates at our last 2 meetings. I thought I was going to be starting on Thursday morning May 6th, and she told me yesterday that I am in fact starting this Friday afternoon.
2) During the interview we arranged that I'd be working in small animal surgery doing stocking and washing and so forth. During my orientation she showed me around the small animal ward, gave me a run-down on how to do patient receiving and restraining and so forth.
3) As she was showing me where the vaccines and so on were kept she mentioned how happy she was that I have experience drawing up vaccines. The shocked look I had prompted her to grin and say "I read your resume". I was too surprised to mention that I've drawn up maybe 4 vaccines ever, and then only under the careful supervision of a vet.
4) She emailed me literally an hour after I left the place asking if we should reschedule. When I asked her what we were rescheduling she did the email equivalent of "o nvm".

I am very worried. Should I email her and see what's going on? Maybe this friday is just my "training day" or something? OH NOES!
Easy, eeasssy. Just keep swimming. Maybe she's just confusing me because of her absent minded hippy-ish personality and it doesn't seem like she has stuff together.

Also, I don't particularly want to change any of this set up because apparently the vet I'll be training with is hott enough to get a mischievous wink and grin out of this lady, who is in her 50s. He is also, to use a friend's words, "quite married". I am also working with a 4th yr student who she seemed to be a great fan of, and she said we'd have fun. I can has new friends? I must be extra nice and smiley and normal and not yell and work hard and keep my opinions on politics and puddles to myself!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Survey results!

Because I'm assuming not many more people will take it now :(
I would really like a larger sampling, but I will just assume that what I have is fairly characteristic of the general population.

For the 10 question survey on dreams:

1: Gender. I had about an even split, which was a good thing. I wish I could filter my results separately for males and females, but the software says that's a feature for "pro" accounts (aka they want my $)

2: Remembering dreams. As I expected we had a fairly even bell curve, with most people choosing "sometimes", and least people choosing "always" or "never". I was happy to see the "often" slightly higher than the "rarely", but that could easily be due to the low number of victims.

3: Factors influencing memory. This one surprised me actually. The most chosen answer by far was stress, followed by body temperature. Many people indicated that they felt the time they woke up would also affect their dream recall ability. I was really surprised that stress was as popular a choice as it was.

4: Common themes or motifs. I should have made more specific choices, because "relationships" was tied with "sexual desire or actions" as most popular. If I were to redo the survey I would subdivide the relationships category. What else is there to dream about, really? I think though that it indicates how socially oriented people are. Tied for second place are "death", "danger", and "conflict". Could it be that these dreams are more memorable because of the vivid, active, concrete manifestations of those themes? You seem to be more likely to remember a man with a knife than sitting in a tree with a monkey, if you see how I mean.

5: Common objects or symbols. Once again, I should have made some things more specific. "People you know" and "strangers" should have been divided down more. These were the most chosen categories, which I believe indicates once again human social dependence. We all know that already though. I was really hoping for more light from this category, but there you have it.

6: Psychic meanings. I was once again surprised here. There was completely even divides between belief for, against, and undecided. I would be interested to see if the belief in the psychic dream idea had any correlation with a person's religious or spiritual orientation.

7: Dreams and the subconscious state. This one showed a solid majority of people believing that dreams are closely related to the subconscious. I expected that.

8: The hero figure. I got a completely even split between rarely, sometimes, and often for this question. I've looked up all the response forms separately trying to find a correlation between male and female on this one, and it seems to be that females are just as or more likely than males to see themselves as heroes in their dreams. I want a bigger sampling!

9: Good vs Bad vs About Even. All about even.

10: Important? Yes! Most people thought that research into dreams would be useful.

Conclusions: I would like a better survey software, and more victims. Also, since I'm guessing most of the people that took this survey were friends or friends of friends, I'd like more variety in the sample groups as far as age and lifestyle.

That is all for the first survey! Goodbye!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I am in love - also, apparently all dead people are midgets...
Twice - funky hat dances are cures for depression


On the suggestion of a few friends, I am now going to randomly crate surveys on topics which I want to know the popular opinion of.

Here is the first of the series, and it's only 10 questions, and I'd really like to know what you all think!

Dreams Survey

Go do it! I promise to post any interesting or surprising findings here!

Also, less cool survey here

Friday, April 9, 2010

I read the most enjoyable magazine article ever the other day. I don't know if you people care about that sort of thing, or if you like iPads, but I found a version online and here's the link:

Stephen Fry's review of the iPad

I just super like the writing style.

In other news, I had the extreme pleasure of deleting the alarm on my cellphone that goes off at 11pm every night to make me go to work! Satisfying!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

She is my awesome, amazing, hilarious, super-cool roomie!!!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I"m getting bored with the internet. The web comics and blogs I read do not update enough.

I suppose this would be a good reason to become a useful individual and study for my exams...

Or I could start up one of the side projects that I've recently not kept up. Here they are:

Learning Latin
Learning Greek
Reading my 2 fave Victor Hugo novels in the original French
Playing piano
Playing guitar
Writing songs (I need to practice especially lyrics cuz I fail at that)
Tricking my little sister into believing dumb things (most recent: convinced her that humans do not have jugular veins. Only cows do. that was a few months ago already)

I think it would be more useful to study beeeeeekeeeeeeping

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

O I went shopping the other day to get some shirts at Bluenotes, and I'm really happy with the results. 3 Tshirts, 2 tank tops, 1 3/4 sleeve shirt. I got a black sweater at fairweather that looks mad sexxy on me, too. I'm very happy.

May I also point out that underwear sizing for women if flippin' retarded? Yes I may. There is about 4 sizes difference between my pants and my underwear. I find it alarming. I mention this because I had to buy underwear. I ended up with monkeys and frogs on pink, orange, and blue backgrounds. Now you will all know my underwear when you find it!

I love blue underwear. I don't know why. It's my fave colour! (of underwear. my real fave colour is green, but green underwear is a little awkward)

So I went to Guelph and wrote my last phys quiz! yaaay!

I have a plan to live in the library/science complex at Guelph from the 12-16th to study for phys. Maybe not though, because those are the last days that I have Jem. We will see. I probably won't be able to study worth crap in my house.

So I'm off to bed! Tomorrow I get to go care for a wisdom-toothless friend!

Monday, April 5, 2010

I promised

Or rather, I just told someone I would blog.
Unfortunately for her (and me) I have naught to say.

Youtube has once again absorbed my soul.

It is nice outside. I want to go out but I don't want to go take a shower and get dressed, which is required.

Oooh well, it's almost 3, so imma pul myself together.

Here's your link o' the day:
Whose Line is it Anyway

Friday, April 2, 2010

What's on my mind

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Oblong toasting feels old, mostly by change of wrap. In event of chordata, win fugue. Jealously the mountain grinds a faucet, but more with coffee to shame the morbid crate. Fortuitous sheep, are we?


Tricky flies are they with snaps. Erase with the hood what glass solemnized. Optimize, optometry, optimist, option. Fratricidal comb-over time! Why? Trample the greeting for Christopher Robin, mostly with a gleaming tree.

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Just so.