Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hostels are a pretty rocking form of hospitality.

I've spent the day out and about in the city, and now my friend and sister have gone to bed and I'm sitting in a room of strangers blogging.

I hear an Aussie, an American, a guy humming along to his ipod, an Asian from Toronto describing the city to some other guy, a Brit explaining the difference between GARage and garAGE, and how the first is actually correct.

On our little walking tour of the Parliament area we were affronted by a cop who demanded to see our tickets for Parliament Hill. Our looks of confusion and fear set him off into a big ol' laugh and apparently he pulls that on every cute touristy girl he sees, and there were the three of us ;)

There are some pretty good looking fellows kicking about this place. If I had any guts at all I would strike up conversation. Guy humming to himself is reasonably good looking, and also these two guys checking over maps on the couch beside me.

So today we went to the Museum of Civilization, and it was agreed on by all that secretly installing animatronics in some of the wax figures would make the exhibits
a) exciting and
b) terrifying!
Great prank for anyone!!!

We also checked out the Nature Museum, which had dinosaurs and a moose and lots of birds. It was a good time.

Sitting in this place, full of people who are mad about travelling, makes me want to get out of Canada. I guess this is a start, getting out of KW, but I want to seeeeeee thiiiiings. Grr.

Dilemma: Seem to be absorbed in laptop and thus discourage anyone from initiating conversation


Shut off laptop and wander around hoping that I look like I want to talk to someone, not eat babies.

P.S. New York accents are difficult to listen to. At least I think that's what this comedian on TV has. Also I want a kitty :(
P.P.S. American comedy is not funny. At all.
P.P.P.S. Dreaming kitties are hilarious.
4xP.S. That lady who played Precious in that movie cannot sing to save her liffffeee. Grraaaahh!!!

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