Monday, June 28, 2010

Middle Class Whiney-ism

Has got me down.

This is literally a post of my whinings about how people whine so much.

Ok here are conclusions:

1: No one in North America is allowed to whine about the oil spill, because it is the consumer's fault that drilling happens. So shut up about how it's killing the world. YOU are killing the world. I schwarz'd the Evil Bible School chick's grandmother on this one. She was saying it was so horrible, worst natural disaster in history, etc, and I pointed out that we can't complain because a) no one has died and b) it is our fault.

2: Don't whine to strangers. In the Rogers store today I was waiting in a verrrrrry slow moving line. Most people were there for technical problems, but the one girl just needed to buy a charger, so I let her go in front of me. The guy behind me started moaning about how she's probably asking technical questions. He said a bunch of things insinuating that because she was African, she felt she didn't need to wait in line. Jerk.
Another lady was just whining about how Rogers was so terrible for service and that it was so ridiculous. Shut up lady. If you're that unhappy you can switch companies.

3: It's bad for your health. Seriously. Whining causes cancer almost as much as sniffing curtains or standing in front of microwaves or eating burnt toast. Also, your whining gives other, happier people cancer also. So stuff it.

The middle class: feeling entitled since 1837.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Anything But the Truth

By Jack Johnson

If they tell me that the bees
Don't make honey anymore
Then what am I supposed to tell you
And if they tell me that the ocean
Is tired of her shores
Then tell me
What am I supposed to tell you

When I can't tell you anything
But the truth

What happens to an eagle's nest in a storm
How does the mama
Keep the baby warm
What if the wind
Is telling us that its time
And what if we're not ready to fly

I can't tell you anything
But the truth

Tree tops they touch the ground
In the morning walk with no sound
Hear no birds, hear no planes
Through the mud, feel the clay
Build it up, make it sing
Make it strong, give it wings

But I can't tell you anything
But the truth

What is this place?
Who am I?
Why did we come here?

I don't know, I don't know
But I don't know
That we're meant to know

Dear Jack Johnson;
You make it seem like I have a soul or something.
Thanks, man.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I was gonna mention how I was vaguely disgruntled with life...
But suddenly Bob Sinclair popped up on my iTunes and I realized that all there is to happiness is a rocking dance track and sleepy kittens.

Also: Supertramp. Making life worthwhile since 1970.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I am sitting in my house. I have Robo-kitty digging holes in my pants. I've just finished a night shift and i resolved to go to church today so i have time to kill.

There are a few of my room mate's friends at my house. They're all still asleep which is a bit weird cuz i can watch them from where I am. I recognize the two girls, but there is a shirtless mystery man whose face is buried behind a chair. Sorry, roomie, for creepering your friend. He is jacked.

I had a lovely weekend though. Dungeons and Dragons on Friday afternoon was good times barring the lack of players.

My Porky picked me up to go visit Amie. She never leaves her house, so we brought a party to her. At first all we planned for was Amie and Porky and Biye and me, but Tory was invited, along with her Shantzy and Chris. How could we not have good times? Half the charm of the party was its impromptu nature.

Robo-Kitty is loving pop-bottle tops. And is awaking the people. MAD CUTE!! He picks up the caps in his mouth and runs around with them so that he doesn't lose them under the stove.

I apologise for my lack of anything more significant to write about this morning. It is sunny and I feel so good. I need to get outside more, I think, because I know the sky and trees improve my mood like mad. However, mind physics has me pretty much stuck. An object at rest will stay at rest...

Ah no robo-kitty! Don't wake people up! I don't particularly wish to talk to some of them at this time of morning.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Need to stop making unhelpful decisions
Need to start doing homework
Need to stop worrying
Need to stop putting myself in stressful situations
Hate school and job and money and capitalism and people and the universe

Why can I only enjoy life when there is some event or person buoying me up? My entire philosophy of independence collapses if I need someone or something else around to make me happy.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who's to know if my soul will fade at all
The one I sold to fool the world
I lost my self-esteem along the way


Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Night Out on the Town

I made some unwise decisions last night... but you wouldn't have guessed it from my present state.

Around 7 my friend T came over, and we hung out with roomie and friend until around 8:30 when we trekked off to Molly Bloom's in down town Guelph. I got my regular scotch and T grabbed a beer, and we chitchatted about whatnot until around 1030, when the live music kicked in at MB's. The guy wasn't bad; we just wanted a change of scenery. We paid our tabs (2 scotches and a polar bear shot for me) and walked around the corner to Bobby O'Brian's. We grabbed a table near the open double doors at the edge of the restaurant. It was nice to have the cool breeze coming in.

This is when I discovered that scotch comes in doubles...

We stayed in BOB's until like 1:30. Just sitting and sipping and getting steadily unsteadier. At one point T popped outside for a smoke and I creeped the security dude hardcore. He was super cute. After my 3rd double of scotch I began to not feel my face anymore, so I decided it was quittin' time. I had been drinking water pretty steadily all night, and I had another glass to finish up and T had one also. We (I) wanted food then, and we wandered around looking for food and bathroom. Ended up at MB's again (yay)!

The live musician turned out to be much cuter than we had remembered. He was also pretty respectable musically. We sat and sang along and listened. I just loved the atmosphere at that time. I was relaxed, and there's something melancholy about a guy singing his heart out when no one listens.

And then this other random dickbag with a guitar had to ruin it by hijacking the show.

I do like pubs.

Last call came along (it was my first time ever being in a bar at last call) and musician guy wrapped it up and we ended up chatting with him for a bit. He was pretty cool from what I remember. I liked his persona, if that's a legit thing to say. He fit into a number of nice, comforting stereotypes.

And then we walked home in the rain. It was cold and wet, but it was nice. Rain is pretty.

When we got back to the apartment we chatted with Vee and her friend. Her friend really bothers me. She also infected the whole place with pink eye so we need to wash our towels and couch so forth. Grr.

Bed at 4am, up for work at 645. Still raining. I wish I hadn't been going to work and had been awake anyway. (The weird dream I was having might have gotten me up). I should have wandered in that rain, I think. It seemed like a clarifying type of rain. Clarity would be nice.

This is a weird thing to say, but I resent people who are friends with their co-workers. For some reason I've never hung out with work people outside of work. I'm fairly happy with that. I do notice however that I'm out of the loop with all the drama and that bothers me. I've always been happy and proud to know stuff about my friends and to have the real stories about every situation. I like to know things. And in workplace drama I just don't have the option.

Anyway I'm currently having a hard time focusing (like vision) and typing words correctly. I think I need sleep. Dead. Tired.
and work again au matin.

In summary I had a jolly night last night. Lots of first times of things. First time getting more than a little tipsy. First time spending that much money on alcohol :S. First time enjoying live bar music. First time being out down town that late. Goooooood stufffff!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I happen to be really spacey today.
I missed my bus stop and when I got off I walked the wrong way for almost half a kilometre before catching on and turning around.

While walking, however, I happened to smell pine. That rainy, foresty smell made me miss home and Jemma and riding in the pinery on drizzly days like this.

Had a lovely debate last night about stereotypes. I am of the opinion that they are useful, and not necessarily bad. The guy I was talking to was trying to say first that categorizing people in any fashion is inherently bad, but it was concluded that classifications are necessary. He insisted that when making someone's acquaintance it is important not to judge them in any way (aka stereotype them). I disagree with that because it is simply more efficient to classify people. You should be willing to get to know them anyway, but if you have a general idea of what they like or how they act it will be easier to relate to them. We agreed that prejudice is wrong though.

I have a job now, in case someone didn't know. Back to the old Tim Hoes. At least I will have $.