Monday, June 28, 2010

Middle Class Whiney-ism

Has got me down.

This is literally a post of my whinings about how people whine so much.

Ok here are conclusions:

1: No one in North America is allowed to whine about the oil spill, because it is the consumer's fault that drilling happens. So shut up about how it's killing the world. YOU are killing the world. I schwarz'd the Evil Bible School chick's grandmother on this one. She was saying it was so horrible, worst natural disaster in history, etc, and I pointed out that we can't complain because a) no one has died and b) it is our fault.

2: Don't whine to strangers. In the Rogers store today I was waiting in a verrrrrry slow moving line. Most people were there for technical problems, but the one girl just needed to buy a charger, so I let her go in front of me. The guy behind me started moaning about how she's probably asking technical questions. He said a bunch of things insinuating that because she was African, she felt she didn't need to wait in line. Jerk.
Another lady was just whining about how Rogers was so terrible for service and that it was so ridiculous. Shut up lady. If you're that unhappy you can switch companies.

3: It's bad for your health. Seriously. Whining causes cancer almost as much as sniffing curtains or standing in front of microwaves or eating burnt toast. Also, your whining gives other, happier people cancer also. So stuff it.

The middle class: feeling entitled since 1837.

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