Sunday, June 20, 2010

I am sitting in my house. I have Robo-kitty digging holes in my pants. I've just finished a night shift and i resolved to go to church today so i have time to kill.

There are a few of my room mate's friends at my house. They're all still asleep which is a bit weird cuz i can watch them from where I am. I recognize the two girls, but there is a shirtless mystery man whose face is buried behind a chair. Sorry, roomie, for creepering your friend. He is jacked.

I had a lovely weekend though. Dungeons and Dragons on Friday afternoon was good times barring the lack of players.

My Porky picked me up to go visit Amie. She never leaves her house, so we brought a party to her. At first all we planned for was Amie and Porky and Biye and me, but Tory was invited, along with her Shantzy and Chris. How could we not have good times? Half the charm of the party was its impromptu nature.

Robo-Kitty is loving pop-bottle tops. And is awaking the people. MAD CUTE!! He picks up the caps in his mouth and runs around with them so that he doesn't lose them under the stove.

I apologise for my lack of anything more significant to write about this morning. It is sunny and I feel so good. I need to get outside more, I think, because I know the sky and trees improve my mood like mad. However, mind physics has me pretty much stuck. An object at rest will stay at rest...

Ah no robo-kitty! Don't wake people up! I don't particularly wish to talk to some of them at this time of morning.

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