Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I happen to be really spacey today.
I missed my bus stop and when I got off I walked the wrong way for almost half a kilometre before catching on and turning around.

While walking, however, I happened to smell pine. That rainy, foresty smell made me miss home and Jemma and riding in the pinery on drizzly days like this.

Had a lovely debate last night about stereotypes. I am of the opinion that they are useful, and not necessarily bad. The guy I was talking to was trying to say first that categorizing people in any fashion is inherently bad, but it was concluded that classifications are necessary. He insisted that when making someone's acquaintance it is important not to judge them in any way (aka stereotype them). I disagree with that because it is simply more efficient to classify people. You should be willing to get to know them anyway, but if you have a general idea of what they like or how they act it will be easier to relate to them. We agreed that prejudice is wrong though.

I have a job now, in case someone didn't know. Back to the old Tim Hoes. At least I will have $.

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