Monday, July 5, 2010

I have consumed more scotch this weekend than I thought possible.
It has not been bad.
Climbing a tree while tipsy: not clever, but worth it.
I've sorted out some things unexpectedly.
Yes, I will always be miserable in school and also probably when I have a job. But I'm using what I have to try making the world a better place. If God accounts for trying, I should end up reasonably happy.
I have a very short attention span for people. When I get them a bit figured out and see where they're headed with things, they lose a lot of their interest. If I've known you for a long time and still hang out with you, consider it a compliment that I enjoy who you are enough to continue hanging out after the "getting to know" phase has gone away.

If this post was a bit scattered blame the fact that I am tired and have a very sore liver...

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  1. yay.
    also sorry for bailing on saturday night. i thoroughly hurt my liver friday night and while i felt pretty alright (in other words i didn't puke.. woooot!) during the say saturday I was simply exhausted and still had to work at 5:30am Sunday somehow. But sounds like you had fun anyways! we shall have to get to gether again soon enough!