Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sunshine and caffeine have rendered my mood nigh ecstatic this morning.

Funnily enough, after working in a coffee shop all night, my tummy is making noises like coffee brewing. Is it secretly a parrot?

I thought about things on the bus home that may be work mentioning.
If I'm so ridiculously happy just because of a little bit of coffee, why don't I take meds to keep me in a decent mood all the time? Not even strong meds would be needed. I could just hop myself up on caffeine any time except when sleeping is needed.
Then I remembered the Local Natives, and my song of choice for the summer, "World News":
The bad feeling bad makes the good so good.

I suppose being in a state of constant cheeriness would be ok. I don't think I would miss my grumpy or mopey times. I think that the fun would wear off eventually. I think that my friends would be annoyed also, or I hope they would be. I like to think that my friends enjoy the fact that I"m a cynical jerk most of the time, and they would be confused if I suddenly went mad bubbly.

Other thing: My sister is getting married in 9 days. We won't see each other much after this week, I don't think. She will be in western Canada, and I will be first here and then Africa. We've never had much in common, and we haven't lived together for 3 years now. Do I feel like I will miss her?
I hope we can at least enjoy our week as sisters before she's off being a wife to NeckBeard, who I will likely have to refer to as a human being after the wedding.

I will miss my brother more than her, I think. He has been around the past few years. He is moving to BC after his wedding in September. Both the wee sister and I are going to miss having him and his nutty friends around with their explosives and drunk canoeing. I don't like the Bible School Chick. I wish he was with someone as deep as he is. Not my place to say though.

If any people at the wedding (grandparents, cousins, etc) make jokes about me being next, I'm going to laugh politely, say something vague, and take my rage out on a bottle of scotch after the reception.


  1. Let's just pray you don't catch the bouquet then...or you're really in for it.

  2. My happy pills really do put me in a constant state of bubbly goodness. But then I stop taking them... then I get sad and go crazy so I start taking them again.. and I'm happy again! I know they say to know happy you have to know sad... well honestly happy is so frikken satisfying that I say fuck that lol.
    Usually I forget to take them one, maybe two days. By the second or third day I already feel the difference and really feeling myself pulled towards depression.. being angry.. getting emo for no reason.. and it just bombs from there. I know people have different opinions about anti0depressants but Im pretty sure I'd have no friends if I wasnt on them hahahaha