Sunday, August 1, 2010

It is more or less impossible for me to have a conversation with my parents about my friends or lifestyle that doesn't end up with me feeling rather offended.

Do I really come across as that type? Do you honestly suspect that of me? If you do, please have the decency to tell me that in a way I can refute. You could ask almost anyone I know and they could attest to my complete lack experience/fun in the drugs/alcohol/sleeping around department. Well... scotch is the exception.

I must say that this trip home has been profitable. My father is setting up a blog for his business, and I will be responsible (and paid (quite decently)) for its upkeep. Once it's running I will invite you all to see it, because it's gonna be verr pretty.
As a side effect of this, I will be able to quit Tim Hoes i the fall! Hurrah! No nightshifts or angry customers or awkward coworkers!

I'll be in Victoria Park for the afternoon with most of my family. Feel free to text!

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