Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Morality is Problematic

At what point did humans learn to tell the difference between should do and want to?

Mark Twain said that people don't do what they believe is right. They just do whatever they want and apologize later.

I think people (or 'normal ones') have an innate sense of right/wrong/justice. They just choose to ignore it whenever it conflicts with what they believe is 'right'.

In the attempt to be abnormal, I have effectively barred myself from ever getting certain things I want. This makes me a bit unhappy.
How do I change what I want to what I should want so that I can be (as all good things are) conflict free?

I know how to change these things, of course. I'm a thoroughly lazy person, and self-improvement is generally not high on my list of things to get done.

Conclusion: I won't stop following the rules just because they impede my happiness. I'll just be underlyingly angsty until I get it sorted. I will get it sorted someday, I think. There are methods.

*Edited to add*: Quote previously attributed to Mark Twain was actually from Bob Dylan. Apologies. He was a dirty old man anyway.

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