Monday, August 16, 2010

Driving back to Guelph in the Sunshine

Just made me sad. Is there something wrong with my brain?
Sunshine = happy, right?
Apparently not.

But it made sense at the time.
You know the top end of Reid Woods road, between Northfield and Arthur St., where it is all surrounded by trees and fields and wonderful Southern Ontario-ness?
I love that place.

I don't know if I will ever accumulate the same feeling of being at home and in tune with a place like I have with Elmira. I suppose that makes me scared to really leave it.
Being out there in the sunshine and trees and fields and road made me miss it. I know I want to move to Africa and be amazing, but will I be at home there? Will I love the earth itself there?

Also, screw you doctor with your medication. I have been having wild emotional spazz outs all day. I blame the pills entirely. And sad movies.

Also, I must go to work and smile at people all night. I dislike fake smiles.
Do you think they would let me go home if I burst into tears for something ridiculous?

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