Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I enjoy people watching in Williams.
I like seeing people being honest with each other. This is an honest place. Sincerity is a wonderful, strange thing to see on someone's face.
I'm actually here to study for my biochem exam on Friday, if you must know. I don't generally just hang around and creep strangers in coffee shops.

Actually, I do, but I like to have others with me when creeping is my primary purpose.

I'm looking forward to autumn. Fall is the best season. Prime temperatures, you're still excited about school, all the lovely rain and leaves are around, and you feel a year older. I always subconsciously level up my age on the day of the first frost.

School this semester is going to be ok I think. I'm going to be in Statistics, Vertebrate Structure and Function, Developmental Biology, Introduction to Aquatic Environments, and Nutrition.

3/5 of those are actually of interest to me, and only 1/5 is going to cause me severe existentialism and panicky-ness.

I am happy there will be my people in Guelph again. There are specific ones whose absence I will feel, though. Why I has no transportation device? Want bus service to KW from Guelph. Sigh.

Back to biochemistry. An oddly entrancing science. Biology is really just applied chemistry, which is applied physics, which is applied math.
If only the universe were that simple.

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