Saturday, August 28, 2010

Being angry makes me less sad.

Getting money makes me less angry.

In these ways it is good I worked last night. Apparently I get better tips when I'm sassy. I think I will use this information to my advantage.

It's my last shift at Tim Hoes tonight. I am relieved, but resenting the 9 hours I must spend in that place and the fact that a good friend will be in Guelph and partying without me.

There was a man on the bus last night who infuriated me. He was only talking to the woman so that she would know stuff about him. Not listening, waiting for his turn to talk.
The urge to walk up to him and tell him that he bothered me was barely suppress-able.

Question: If a stranger walked up to you and said that they didn't like you, would you care at all?
I would be sad, but it would in no way surprise me. I have been know to go out of my way to be less like-able.

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