Friday, August 27, 2010

I watched Leaves of Grass today, in my endeavour to watch every film the Edward Norton has done.

Once again, he was spectacular, and he played two characters. Double spectacular.

The film was about a bunch of drug dealing hicks. It made me sad.

I will now go to work. I am sad.

I also watched The Knight's Tale again. What was best about Heath Ledger was his hands. He had lovely hands.

I am not creepy. I am sad.

*Edited to add* an existential crisis. I am a carbon based structure that is slowly evapourating. So is Robo-Kitty. He is truly enviable in that he is unaware of his return to entropy. Ignorance must be blissful, because awareness is a bit crap really. I think I am in love with my cat.

I am sad in a whole new way!

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