Sunday, August 1, 2010


It is strange to me that my sisters are so different. In fact, none of us have all that much in common, although the wee one and I get along very much better than the elder and either of us.

The elder is just kinda volatile. She flips from giggly to raging in the space of a second. In that sense she is difficult to mess with because once she has decided things have gone too far by her standards she just makes everyone else around her miserable. This habit of hers makes life tense because the young one and I (and partially the father) are all about joking and being annoying and so forth.

The younger has a blog!
It is fun! I'm hoping she will keep it up. She drives me nuts sometimes as well, but mostly from the fact that she likes being in people's space, and I thrive on having no one in my space. I've been incapacitated most of today with lady problems, and she made my soup and a hot water bottle (which burnt my tummy pretty badly). I was thinking that she was going to be a nice sister when she thought it was a good idea to just sit down and pester me until I threatened to choke her. She giggled her little face off and walked away. What a weenie.

In other news, DnD tomorrow! Yay! And on Tuesday back to Guelph for tutoring and giving Robo-Kitty hugs and shopping. Somewhere in all this I need to fit in studying for exams. Should I just quit Tim Hortons and try to make it work with the tutoring and work from my dad? That would make exams much easier. Hmmm...

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