Friday, July 23, 2010


I watched the entire series over the past few days, and then the follow up movie "Serenity"

In spite of all of the acclaim that nerds have heaped upon the series, I agree with the network's decision to cancel the show. I think that most of the outrage at its cancellation was founded in the fact that the final episode did not conclude any of the story arcs in progress.

The movie, which was supposed to pick up where the series left off, created further problems and anger. Time had moved forward but the characters had moved backward. I had almost started to like the lead character in the series, but in the movie they started back on square one and did not let him develop at all in the whole miserable 90 minutes. As a stand-alone, the film is not bad. As a continuation of the series, it is disappointing. It feels rushed and incomplete.

The series, had it been allowed to continue, would have jumped the shark in the 4th season. The writers would have tried to stretch out the story line they had (which wasn't bad) over too long a time and filled it all in with annoying patter and twatter and unnecessary, ineffectual plot twists. That, or I'm a hopeless pessimist and they would have done it properly. The whole story should have been well-developed, well-paced, and neatly wrapped up in 30 episodes (2 seasons + 2 episodes).

Most of the acting irked me, and I didn't like most of the characters until well into the 6th episode (and none at all in the film). I did not like the idea of "space western"ism and the theme song drives me nuts.

I will say, however, that the plot was a good beginning. There were a few spectacular lines about lions and killing people.

I have killed time in worse ways than this.

In other news! lemon poppyseed muffins are the shizzzzz!

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