Sunday, April 11, 2010

Survey results!

Because I'm assuming not many more people will take it now :(
I would really like a larger sampling, but I will just assume that what I have is fairly characteristic of the general population.

For the 10 question survey on dreams:

1: Gender. I had about an even split, which was a good thing. I wish I could filter my results separately for males and females, but the software says that's a feature for "pro" accounts (aka they want my $)

2: Remembering dreams. As I expected we had a fairly even bell curve, with most people choosing "sometimes", and least people choosing "always" or "never". I was happy to see the "often" slightly higher than the "rarely", but that could easily be due to the low number of victims.

3: Factors influencing memory. This one surprised me actually. The most chosen answer by far was stress, followed by body temperature. Many people indicated that they felt the time they woke up would also affect their dream recall ability. I was really surprised that stress was as popular a choice as it was.

4: Common themes or motifs. I should have made more specific choices, because "relationships" was tied with "sexual desire or actions" as most popular. If I were to redo the survey I would subdivide the relationships category. What else is there to dream about, really? I think though that it indicates how socially oriented people are. Tied for second place are "death", "danger", and "conflict". Could it be that these dreams are more memorable because of the vivid, active, concrete manifestations of those themes? You seem to be more likely to remember a man with a knife than sitting in a tree with a monkey, if you see how I mean.

5: Common objects or symbols. Once again, I should have made some things more specific. "People you know" and "strangers" should have been divided down more. These were the most chosen categories, which I believe indicates once again human social dependence. We all know that already though. I was really hoping for more light from this category, but there you have it.

6: Psychic meanings. I was once again surprised here. There was completely even divides between belief for, against, and undecided. I would be interested to see if the belief in the psychic dream idea had any correlation with a person's religious or spiritual orientation.

7: Dreams and the subconscious state. This one showed a solid majority of people believing that dreams are closely related to the subconscious. I expected that.

8: The hero figure. I got a completely even split between rarely, sometimes, and often for this question. I've looked up all the response forms separately trying to find a correlation between male and female on this one, and it seems to be that females are just as or more likely than males to see themselves as heroes in their dreams. I want a bigger sampling!

9: Good vs Bad vs About Even. All about even.

10: Important? Yes! Most people thought that research into dreams would be useful.

Conclusions: I would like a better survey software, and more victims. Also, since I'm guessing most of the people that took this survey were friends or friends of friends, I'd like more variety in the sample groups as far as age and lifestyle.

That is all for the first survey! Goodbye!

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  1. Sorry I didn't do this survey!
    All I can tell you is that the only time I remember a dream is if I wake up and go back to bed, or nap during the day.
    And I'm aways running from something in my dream. Whether it's a monster, or I'm a bad guy and the good guys are after me... basically something is always chasing me and knows where I am. And It's frightening.