Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So I had a classically weird dream last night. Classical in the sense that this is how most people dream.

I was living in this crazy old apartment, and I think Tory and Vee were my neighbours, and my mother was the landlady. It was on the top floor of this rickety, tilty building, and the atmosphere was not unlike the guys' house in Fight Club.

So one day my friend Schildroth shows up with his mom, and she explains that he is really sick but she is going on a trip so I need to take care of him. I give him a blanket and crackers, and just as his mom leaves he gets sick all over the carpet. I'm pissed, so I just go to work.

On my way back from work I'm just sauntering along when I see a squirrel dragging a tree branch. I feel sorry for it, so I break the branch into smaller branches and sticks. A girl comes out of the building on the same property and asks me what I'm doing. I explain and she seems relieved or something. She asks me to come with her and introduces me to all of her friends working at the zoo, and we all get along great and now I have new friends! I do recognize one of them now as Doug from band camp.

So I get a job at the zoo and we all hang out a lot and have good times.
And then I wake up. Heh.

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