Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To be honest, I'm really just using my laptop for warmth. The science complex gets chilly at night and i did not bring enough blanketing. I currently have my lab coat over my toes

Time to start up Spore so that I gets toasty warm
Thheeeeere we go

Study buddy is snoring away now, silly boy. I am spying on the custodian, and constructing theories on why a girl strode past here purposefully not long ago. Who has somewhere purposeful to be at 3am? Scandalous.

Sneaky stealing headphones to listen to music!

Decemberists and Charlie Winston make life a beautiful place

It has dawned on my just now how UTTERLY FREAKING SCREWED I am.
The lady at the orientation thing at the vet college yesterday must have me confused with someone else. Here is my proof for the theory.
1) She gave me 2 different start dates at our last 2 meetings. I thought I was going to be starting on Thursday morning May 6th, and she told me yesterday that I am in fact starting this Friday afternoon.
2) During the interview we arranged that I'd be working in small animal surgery doing stocking and washing and so forth. During my orientation she showed me around the small animal ward, gave me a run-down on how to do patient receiving and restraining and so forth.
3) As she was showing me where the vaccines and so on were kept she mentioned how happy she was that I have experience drawing up vaccines. The shocked look I had prompted her to grin and say "I read your resume". I was too surprised to mention that I've drawn up maybe 4 vaccines ever, and then only under the careful supervision of a vet.
4) She emailed me literally an hour after I left the place asking if we should reschedule. When I asked her what we were rescheduling she did the email equivalent of "o nvm".

I am very worried. Should I email her and see what's going on? Maybe this friday is just my "training day" or something? OH NOES!
Easy, eeasssy. Just keep swimming. Maybe she's just confusing me because of her absent minded hippy-ish personality and it doesn't seem like she has stuff together.

Also, I don't particularly want to change any of this set up because apparently the vet I'll be training with is hott enough to get a mischievous wink and grin out of this lady, who is in her 50s. He is also, to use a friend's words, "quite married". I am also working with a 4th yr student who she seemed to be a great fan of, and she said we'd have fun. I can has new friends? I must be extra nice and smiley and normal and not yell and work hard and keep my opinions on politics and puddles to myself!

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