Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let's skip on down to point #4...

Life is oddly cyclic.
Remember that one?
(My hosue is making scary noises! I think someone is trying to saw his way out of my plumbing system!)
Ok, back to the point. Everyones knows that everything in life is a "stage". That we move in and out of different phases of life which are normal and expected and quite nice actually. But more and more I realize that we're running in spirals. Not circles, mind you. Circles are perfect and go on forever nice and constant. Spirals are much more realistic. They start off so exapansive and empty. Then by the time it passes the starting point again, it's grown a little smaller so the original can accomodate it.
Our minds are like that. As we grow older we pass the same phases over and over. Not phases like marraige and birth and stuff. I mean stuff like love and sadness and lonliness and peace. And every time we pass them, they seem a little different, worse, bigger, better. But that's only becasue we've become smaller to accomodate. Our minds hafta shrink down so we can fit inside the boundaries of our experience.
Think about how you would act and feel if someone took away your emotional memory. All your facts remained, but any time you felt something, the emotion left no imprint. It's scary and exciting to think about how we would relate. We could essentially love like we'd never been hurt, cry like we'd never been loved, and sit at peace without fear of lonliness.
But the spiral must pull us in. The question is: is it bad?
Of course we are constricted by our past experiences, but who wants to be hurt twice?
And just because we are pulled to the ultimate center, when we will be stuck with no more room to constrict, doesnt mean that we should hate the pattern
It's a necessary pattern. And a natural pattern. And an inevitable pattern.
Summary: We all go through the same phases over and over, but they change every time becasue our experiences constrict us. And once we are constriced to a certain point, we bore six feet below the living dimension.
But does our spiral stop then? Or just become a circle that has filled itself in? Hmm, late night.

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