Thursday, May 8, 2008

Work Rant #1!

For the first time since starting my new job, I must whine about it.
I discovered tonight a number of things through my Quality Assurance training.
1:The foreman favours girls because his a lonely middle-aged bachelor
2:Because of said favouritism there are certain things he won't let me do
3:The people training me don't know what they're doing
4:I don't know what I'm doing
5:People never grow up.

So for a bit of discussion on these points.
I'm very upset about this reverse-sexism stuff. I want to be the best worker in the plant. Period. It's just a little goal I set for myself. How am I supposed to do that if I'm gettting babied by the foreman and not allowed to do certain jobs just becasue I'm a girl. The only way I'll ever learn them is if I do them. So take that stupid foreman.
Also, if I want to be the best worker, I hafta know what the heck I'm doing. Or supposed to be doing. Arg. I want to ask the foreman to pair me up with the best worker available so I can just copy them.
And no, people don't mature. I thought that Tim Hortons would be the worst place on earth for workplace drama, because all the silly children that work there. But in a setting where the average age is about 30, the drama is worse. Firstly because they're all sleeping with each other. *Shiver*. And second because they're all alcoholics. And lastly because they're so bored with their jobs that they talk abd maje stuff up and spread stuff around about other workers. It's seriously so juvenille. I don't much talk to anyone, because I don't want to be part of all this drama. The QA guy who trained me tonight hates everyone. Seriously. He needs more hugs....
But what is it that makes people so petty about life. There's honestly mroe to it than packing dog food, getting drunk, and spreading rumours. I'm glad I'm not a lifer at this place. It seems like such an unfulfilling existence. Not only the job, but the lifestyle. Well, I shouldn't write them all off because there are a few people who are nice and have lives and families and such outside of the job. But for those who work, drink, and hang out with other factory people, I say this: look for a broader scale of life. There's so much out there to experience and feel and know and see.
How can someone be content in their little scoop of existence such as that. If someone hands you an entire box of ice cream do you only take a spoonful? No.
Or at least half.
Or a quarter.
But seriously people, have some ambition and so forth.
It will cut down the alcohol bills....

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