Saturday, May 17, 2008

Conventions are not Rules

I've done my best over the past few days to adhere to rules. Not in the sense that I'm a perfect person that always does what I'm told, but trying to differentiate between what the rule actually is, and what is the cultural boundary that stupid people felt like putting there.
I got this idea, as stated before, from G.K. Chesterton. "Manalive" is one of the most inspiring novels I have ever read. And it's not even a self-help book. I want to learn to see the beauty in living. In the fact that I, Becca, can still breathe and hear and think and see and experience and feel and hurt and laugh until I pee. And I want to be different from the other people. I have such a controlling desire not to conform; to distance myself from any label that a person wants to stick on me. I will not be a prep, I will not be a nerd, I will not be an emo, I will not be a church kid, I will not be an atheist, I will not be a good person, I will not be a bad person, I will not be a label.
So why can't I be a Christian and a socialist/communist? Barring the political extremist's views on religion, the groups are compatible. They want equality, sharing, support, love. The conventions say that to be Christian you must be a Tory or, if you're a rebel, a Liberal. Screw that.
Why can't I be a well-behaved, smart kid and dress like a slob and do no homework? Why can't I hang around with mostly guys and not be lesbian or skanky? Why can't I run around like a retard at all hours of the night doing crazy stuff without being a hoodlum or drunk?
People's perceptions about stereotypes make them stick labels on you becasue of your behavious. They create barriers and opposties where there is really harmony and correlations.
Therefore, I defy conventions. Thanks, Chesterton.

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  1. Props to you and your unconventional ways.
    I don't deliberately go out of my way to not have a label, i just roll with however i react to things, and do what i love.
    though, if one were to actually write down every single one of my interests and merge them together... i don't think you could stick a label on me. hmm, this gives me an idea.. haha