Monday, June 16, 2008


So in an earlier post I mentioned my older sister's Bible school friends. There was one I wasn't particularly attracted to.
That one is being hooked up with my older brother.
Ok, so I'm sure that said chick is a nice person, but for my brother, nice person is not acceptable.
Here are my problems with the Bible school chick (the BSC):
1: She has me labelled as a cynic. I am cynical. But only sometimes. Remember that people have more sides than anyone can possibly dream. A mature one, anyway
2: She is not a deep person. I don't mean thinking about the stars and life and everything, but she lives too entirely au courante. Can't analyse anything she is not currently experiencing
3: She is exactly like my older sister. And that's not good.
Basicly, interaction with her is like talking to a pull-string doll or a robotic chat dealy. She does nothing unexpected. Nothing original spurts out of her. She still communicates as a child; her aspect is always from one perspective.
So if my brother is gonna be hanging out with this BSC, I will not be happy. I won't be mean to her, or be mad at my brother, it's just that I think he wants more out of a person and it will not work out.
Bah, stupid BSC

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  1. lol those kinda people drive me nuts.
    i kinda sometimes want to randomly throw a shoe in their face just to see how they would react.