Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Undefined sickness

So lately I've not been feeling well. Headaches, stomach issues, lack of appetite, lack of focus, tiredness. It's frustrating cuz it makes it hard to have fun when I'm out with people. Anyway
The undefined sickness is also a name I give to the affliction of one-down-manship. People who always will say "That ain't nothing" to anything you tell them that hurt you or bothered you or was rough on you.
Not really what I mean at the start, but when he gets into the wisdom teeth part, that's what I'm thinking of. I know I've ranted about this before. No matter how bad your situation is, theirs is ultimately worse.
And it's frustrating, because I want to matter also. I want to know that somone will take a second off of their life to sympatize with me. Share and share alike. I will return the favour gladly when I can.
Like Brian Regan says: Listen, don't just wait for me to finish.
By the way, is getting your wisdom teeth pulled really bad? I'm considering just leaving mine in, cuz they're natural, so why not.
Oh, last day of classes today. Not nostalgic at all.

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  1. and like i said in a post awhile back, we're all allowed to complain and want to be listened to and rant and rave about something goin' on.. we're all allowed to do this. but some people do take it too far.
    you do not strike me as one of these people.
    so rant, curse, complain, freak out whatever! you're not feeling well, you're allowed to complain!
    some of us do the opposite, because we always realize someone else is in a worse situation, we always think our problems aren't important and we put them down, brush them off to the side sort of thing. you were made human with the ability to complain too, feel free to do so every once in awhile.