Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rain, Steak, and Dreadlocks

So I had the time of my life camping
Getting to spend a whole weekend with my friend Amalie without having to worry about work or school or my mother was a luxury.
The food was unbelievable. We cooked everything over an open fire made of cedar wood, so it was awesome.
We hiked around Elora Gorge and wallowed in the mud and got completely filthy.
We got strangely high off of mosquito coils and played a strange game of Settlers of Catan.
We whined about Colgate and the Criminal and obsessed about our dear Smart Friend who will be gone for the next month.
We invited the Criminal, Porky, and The Overly Nice One up for an evening.
We slept in a minivan
We made the awesomest campfire of all time
We annoyed the people accross the street with a burping contest and screaming.
In other words, I'm so glad I didn't g to prom! Hah! Why get dressed up for one night when you can wallow in puddles for two?
So I am very pleased with the whole weekend, even though it rained, and now Amalie is gonna get dreadlocks. And I'm not as worried about school in the fall. I feel so bubbly right now, like ginger ale


  1. yeah camping>prom its good that your camping trip worked out after all. Lol and I like your codenames for the guys haha. What's mine?

  2. I can't tell you what your codename is. that defeats the purpose. but you would probably be able to figure it out

  3. lol doesn't having a public blog defeat the purpose of code names and i really can't figure out what you would call me

  4. why were u whining about me? or is it still prevelant