Sunday, June 22, 2008


I'm all stressed out today.
First: bio exam tomorrow
Second: The BSC and my brother....ick
Third: My mother
Fourth: Cabin fever from being around my family
I'm just spazzily emotionaly you know?
And paranoid,
Anyhow, on facebook I found this application called "Would you rather" and one answers questions choosing which option of two which they prefer. Anyhow, a lot of the questions made me think like would I rather be deaf or blind. I decided blind. But I would miss seeing my Jemma and trees and my friends' expressions. But I think I would miss sound more. The sound of my house settling at night, the sounds of nature, and music. Anyway, I am very thankful for my ears and eyes. There were a lot about finding true love.
True love is a strange concept. I think that people are compatible with a number of partners, but which one they end up commiting to depends on circumstances and chance really. But we all have a number of people that we fit with. So if one feels like they screwed it up with the only person they ever loved, one should settle down and open up to loving the rest of the perfect matches for them
Also, my one buddy from band camp had done a whole bunch of the questions and I was looking at his answers. Every time it was an option between lik love and anything, he took the anything. I, of course, went crazy psycoanalytical on him. Of course he wants to be loved. He is a human. But I think he feels like he's been waiting for so long that clearly there's no one that will ever understand him. I understand that. It's hard to find someone that thinks you're interesting enough to spend time with but familiar enough to trust and finding someone who can see every little facet and irregularity of your mind and personality is... you understand. It takes work and patience and I think trust in the greater forces that they were kind enough to put a person in line for you.
I had an intenselt jolly friday night, btw. I sabotaged my friend's car with a few other friends. We left a pair of men's underwear on his windshield and wrote a phone # and :"call me" on his window. It was awesome. After that we went to the Galaxy theatre parking lot and wrote about 20 little fortunes on pieces of paper and left them on people's windshields.
Sample fortunes:
You can fly.
Your next meal will consist of food
The sun will rise on tuesday. And wednesday. But not thursday
The force is with you if you stand completely still. Once you move, you're on your own
You will soon begin a search for purpose. It will be cut short by a barn animal.
Someone thinks you're sexy. They live in Thailand
And so forth. I hope the people who recieved them got a smile for the day.

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  1. dude, that's amazing about the fortunes!! holy crap i wanna do that now!!!
    in my friends (now old) dorm room from last year we stuck a couple notes in the window frame for people to find. However, I recall two of them saying, "you smell like dog poop!" and "have ginger babies!"