Saturday, June 7, 2008


On friday morning, Tara, the horse from my last post, was euthanized. Her stomach had filled up with blood and there was nothing else the vet could do for her. I'm gonna miss having the silly old girl around. Even when she was really sick, she would always try to push me over when I was walking her around.
Yesterday evening I went out with my sister and two of her friends to visit our other friend. In spite of getting literally feasted upon by mosquitoes, it was really fun. We played basketball and had a campfire and drank tons of this awesome yerba mate tea out of an apparatus that resembled a pipe.
One of my sister's friends was thought-provoking. She made me angry actually. But when I sat and thought about why I was annoyed, I realized that I shouldn't have been. I got angry becasue she labelled everything. She has me written down as a pessimistic details person, who is always worrying too much about the fine points to enjoy the big picture. I don't think I'm like that...I could be though. She labelled my friend Cynthia after only talking to her for like half an hour. And I felt like saying to her to stop trying to define everything with these clumsy labels, becasue they cover up the beautiful shades and tints of meaning that every person has.
Bah, I was annoyed. And am yet.

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