Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just a post

I just feel like blogging, no specific idea in place
I've had a good day so far.
Not like wild crazy fun like some of my previous days, but more wholesome. Like that awesome County Harvest Sunflower Flax bread.
I may actually be going camping! Remains to be seen.
I found out that I will be working day shifts full time starting Tuesday.
I was listening to the song "Mix Tape" by Brand New. I've liked this song ever since I discovered it on my computer a few month back. I feel oddly connected to it. It reminds me of someone, and I don't know who. I think it recalls to me the feeling of suburban complacency. I feel angry towards SUV-driving soccer moms and those tiny lots with massive houses and those immaculately groomed little places that have no room for nature. God forbid that anything living like a stray dog, a grubby kid, or a new thought should penetrate their joyous routine. Wake, Work, Smile, Sleep. And do not think a thing.
The rain is pouring right now.
Rain like this is really alive, I think. It always makes me happy to know that some suburban soccer mom has had her plans perforated but nature. Lady, you can control your SUV, your child, your beautiful lawn and house and IKEA furniture, but in you vx nature, nature will win.

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