Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Religion Point

Is religion outdated or just outside of the system of date assignment that society has created?
Once again, I steal from Mr. Chesterton.
He points out that society always accuses the church of being out of date or style. He then argues that the church is the one that is steadfast, while society is fickle, always changing preferences and ideals. When you look at history, you see cycles of conservatism and rebellion fluctuating pretty regularly. Example: 50's were conservative, 60's-mid 70's were liberal. 80's and 90's were conservative (I don't care what you argue, it's comparative to the 60's), and I belive now we are moving back to a new conservatism to hold on to while economic and international relational strife is approaching.
In every one of these decades, people would have said the church is outdated. In times of conservatism, it is labelled as a place of anger and condemnation, a barbaric icon of the past. In times of rebellion it is viewed as a pacifist grandmother, afraid to dirty her hands with the current casues.
But, using the old-school protestantism as my reference point, when did the church change? Of course, the members and focuses are always moving around, and certain ideas are more essential to some eras than others, but the rules remain constant. My Oma (Dutch grandma) believes the same things that her grandmother did, and I believe the same as she does. The rules don't change. It is as wrong to kill people now as it was in the 1700's. It was as wrong to discriminate against people for their race, sex, or economic status now as it was to then.
I'm sure my point is made. So, like Chesterton, I believe that true religion (not any of the patty-cake modernistic preppy stuff that seems to be popular now) is the most current thing ever, becasue one knows taht in the future it will still be based on the same words. One can assume that the rules will not suddenly change and allow them to steal or make it good to lie.
That is my rant for now. If more comes to me as I think over the next few days, I will post it up here.
Ooh, in other news, I went for an adventure today involving Tim Hortons, lettuce, Biye (the only Asian guy at our highschool; he's awesome), and stalking. It was exciting

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