Monday, June 30, 2008

The Past Two Days

Well, one and a half.
But it feels longer.
Yesterday evening I was hanging out at my house by myself working on some quilts I'm making when I suddenly thought of my friend Glenda who I hadn't really seen in a while. And I thought hey, why don't I juss call her up and see if she can hang out.
So I did, and she could, so I went and picked her up and we went to Timmies at about...7 ish. We sat and chatted. Then we went to the park and chatted. Then we went to McDonalds and chatted. Then we walked and chatted. Then we went to the Price Chopper parking lot and chatted. Then at about midnight we went home.
It felt good to talk to Glenda again, like we used to when we were kids, sitting on her bed for hours and hours talking about anything and everything and then anything again. It's the weirdest thing, because even though we come from extremely different backgrounds, we think a lot the same way, and we can relate to each other really well.
And I know that I usually complain about the fact that I was sent to a mennonite school for 3 years and that I hated it, but I should stop that. The fact that I've made a friend for life through that freak expreience makes it worthwhile.

Anyhow, tonight was fun also. $50 worth of fireworks and some crazy friends: priceless.
I love the feeling of laughing so hard I think I might pee or pass out from lack of air.
I love the feeling of being with people who don't expect me to be the respoinsible one.
I don't love the feeling of the burn on my thumb. Oochie.

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  1. like i wanted to read about that friend stealer glenda pfft
    nah jk she sounds like a cool friend

    And tonight was some pretty awesome fun.
    yay for irresponsible lighting of fireworks!