Friday, September 12, 2008

Disappointment on an empty stomach

It's pretty rough, let me tell you.
I haven't been shopping this week, so today I ate rice for dinner, and that was all.
Kinda 3rd world in that sense. I shouldn't complain.

But then I went to this Campus for Christ thing. I was really looking forward to it, actually. I was hoping incredibly much that I could meet some people with both brains and God, which are decidedly rare. And I was hoping for a connection with God. And I don't mean a sink into the mellow wave of emotion that is brought on by the closeness of people singing the same song. I get that from choir rehearsal. I mean a connection in my mind. Newness of perspective.

And I was incredibly disappointed. Not a brain in the room. Emotion enough to start a Save the Children campaign, but no minds. Example: one of the songs was about shouting praises and whatnot. Right there = problem. I've heard shouting before. We sing about shouting from mountains. Thousands of people have heard that before, and we all know that no one is climbing Everest. What about debating in parliament? That is vastly more practical and truthful, really. Anywhosie, I digress. Spoke of shouting.
What did the song leader do? Invoked the emotion factor. I mean the slow down, drop the instrumentals, and repeat until everyone's 'godly passion' makes them trail off into prayer...
heLLO?! SHOUT?! THINK PEOPLE!!! I was considering shouting, really, just to prove a point. But I stopped because it's not my place to redirect the herd. But seriously, THINK about what you're saying, people. Yes, you may feel good, but there's more to this God thing than emotion. YOU feel fuzzy, but what does HE feel? THINK!

So I wandered home singing old hymns with meanings and thought much about religion and what it is to me. And I decided it's something inseparable from the other factors of me. And I found some other conclusions, but they are less definable.

On a positive note: guess who is coming to speak at the cafe on tuesday night? Oh, it's no big deal, just a little someone called SHANE KOYCZAN!!!!
I'm still not sure if I can make it, but I will fuh shizz try to be!! Huzzah for thought!!!

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