Friday, September 5, 2008

I've never been into public blogging

But at the moment the publicity is much better than the alternative.
The alternative is being in my dorm with people drunk (yes, it is only 9:40) and yelling and whatnot.
I really like the university as a place. The buildings are old, and that makes me happy. Old buildings always are reassuring. It's like they tell you "hey, you might think life is crappy right now, but I've seen worse, and I'm still standing".
But then there are the newer buildings, like the University Center, where I am right now. They have sweet lighting and lots of windows and awesome food :D.

So the university itself is amazing. But I have failed to meet any people with whom I click. And it is upsetting. Maybe I haven't made the effort enough. Maybe such people don't exist. But the fact remains that I feel rather out of the loop just now.

Ah well, home for the weekend will be fun. Seeing my horsie and my boys and amie. Bien!

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  1. hang in there, it took me a month to get the courage to get out and meet people.