Friday, September 26, 2008

School is getting ridiculously busy now.

Already people have midterms. I stayed up till 315 am the other day to do my physics homework. Granted I didn't do anything in the course before that, but I'm still gonna whine. Procrastination is my favourite.

So everything is going well except for chemistry which has a lot of online stuff (Assignments, quizzes, etc) and I suck at online stuff. I can't focus as well. I'm not sure why, but I think that my brain doesn't connect the computer with homework. Or any type of work, for that matter. It's very nicely connected with Plant Tycoon and Facebook :D

And I realized how much time I waste on silly stuff like that. I'm thinking about allowing myself only 3 facebook checks a day and possibly getting rid of plant tycoon.

Oh yah, plant tycoon is a really lame sounding computer game that I found a few months back but on a windows computer the demo only lasts an hour, and on my mac I can play for as long as I want. It sounds lame eh? And seriously all you do is grow and sell plants, and it takes like half a frikken hour for a plant to grow. But it's so freaking addictive! Just ask my roomie. I was playing it in class one day (shame, Becca, SHAME!) and she was watching and then she started playing and so now we're both hooked. It can eat like 3 hours of your day, no sweat.

And here are 3 "poems" I wrote the other day. Not in connection particularly with anything. I know that if the guys read this they'll be like WOAH! but that's perfectly fine. I'm hypercubical like that.

Do you know, right now
If you rolled over a little closer
And I could feel your breath warming up my back
I wouldn’t move away?
And if you had to settle yourself,
And asked if you could put your arm under my head;
Right now,
I would say “ok”
And the urge right now is incredible
To curl up against you
And disregard the knowledge that right now
It couldn’t work.

Nothing feels better than having someone to cuddle with when you’re sleepy
Like kittens all warm and ergonomically aligned
My bones sink into you and yours into me
There’s no point of discomfort
Your arm across my belly is weighty like a quilt
And we laugh about nothing
Because we like the feeling.

It was beautiful because it was transitory.
I know it was a wave of emotion
But it was a warm, salty, strong wave.
I know it was one ridiculous evening and neither of us meant anything
But it felt good, good, like lying in the sun.
It warmed me up all the way through
To be in love with you
For one day.

There we go. And cheers to the weekend!! I'm going sailing tomorrow!

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