Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An hour on the steps

I'm going to people watch and document it. Here we go:

1: Fellow in a red sweater with beard
2: Old couple looking worried
3:Blonde guy
4:Blonde girl all in black, very angry-business-type
5:Guy in black sweater vest, friendly looking
6: Punk in yellow shirt. Looks like he stole something
7: Preppy girl with shiny purse
8:Girl who looks like Julie Andrews in the sound of music...
9: Guy who looks like my brother with bright red hair.
10: Squirrel!!
11:busy looking asian guy
12: totally not busy looking girl in pink. probably likes high school musical :P
13: prep couple. all giggly. ew.
14:girl with disgusting coloured leggings. did you puke on your legs?
15:girl with strange wooden device. probably for torturing the squirrel.
16: girl with red shorts walking really really weirdly. probably repositioning her shoe.
17: guy with very cool artistic clothing but unfriendly face.
18: guy with ipod who smiled at me :D
19:guy with orange shirt and shiny water bottle. intensely healthy, prolly.
20: 2 nerds discussing something smart.
21: nerd couple discussing something with money
22: girl with pink sweater and shopping bag. looks average and friendly. she's cool.
23: two guys with white shirts and jeans. probably planned to coordinate. they were the type who would.
24: girl with ugly turquoise boots
25: girl who sighed like the weight of the world was in her backpack
26: little professor on yellow bicycle. very funny looking :D
27: guy on cell whining about biology.
28: guy with ridiculous plaid jacket. get a fashion sense!
29: guy with extreeemely long strides! slow down!
30: jock couple: guy puffed out his chest like a pelican
31: eldery hippie type lady. looked very serene.
32: guy with funky skateboard and green headband. should give some of his fashion sense to #28!
33: guy coming down steps while texting. glared at me :P
34: couple across street. looking at me suspiciously. yes I am writing about you! hah!
35: fellow with loosened up tie. looks like he needs tea
36: asian guy with awesome stripey shirt
37: guy in business dress with funky sunglasses. looks like he should be in the matrix
38: guys with iced caps.... can i have some?
39: threesome of jock/cheerleader chicks. ergh!
40: nerd with environmentalist tshirt. DON'T RECYCLE! hah!
41: girls reading and walking. bad idea. you will trip
42: scary girl with awful hair that i see everywhere. very keen on school.
43: guy with aviators telling a "funny story" to his buddy
44: guy with green and white gift bag. i wonder who it's for. prolly his girlfriend. she's prolly mean. he looks nice.
45: guy with green sweater and a smoker's cough.
46: guy with combat boots and a purpose
47: group of people with posters.
48: two guys. one is texting. the other looks bored and socially uncomfy
49: tall aggie nerd type. hehe, funny looking
50: two jock nerds. i love jock nerds.
51: drama freak couple. black sweaters and weird hair are a dead giveaway.
52: very confused looking guy with a heavy looking black bag. may be a cocaine addict, keeps touching his nose.
53: intense little goth guy. crazy boots and chains. blonde though, and looks like he's in grade 8. prolly hasn't hit puberty yet. why is he here?
54: matrix guy again. from #37
55: guy with nice face. the friendly intelligent sort.
56: girl who almost runs me over. DO NOT WALK AND TEXT!!
57: annoying jock/punk guys. one with poster. prolly a stupid one like Brittney spears. jerk.
58: girl with crazy hair and brown boots. i don't like boots season.
59: girl with hair so blonde it's almost green. maybe she swam in too much chlorine this summer
60: lady all in black with a chain on her glasses, like the ones librarians wear. heheheh.
61: guy in orange hollister tshirt and flip flops. not a fan. actually, he has a nice smile. semi fan.

traffic is speeding up too much, and it's almost class, so there we go. that was actually really enjoyable in spite of funny looks.


  1. that was seriously amusing!
    are you in guelph? i should come and take you out for dinner. one of my fave restaurants is in guelph.

  2. I would for sure love to find some more places to eat in Guelph. I don't know the city at all, just the university campus. And thanks for reading the blog :D