Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Catcher in the Rye

I had heard from a lot of people that it was amazing, that it was their favourite book, that it was life-changing, etc. And some of these people were respectably smart.
So when I saw it at Chapters for cheap, I thought "Hey, it's gotta at least be decent" right?

Wrong! Dumb book!

If I wanted to listen to someone curse and whine about life, I have several emo friends who use a more diverse vocabulary than this stupid book.

And now I have cursing back in my brain, so I hafta focus when I speak so that I don't curse every other word, which is annoying. It will take me a while to get it all cycled back out.

However, I also bought "The Illead", "The Odyssey", and "Emma" at about 3.50 a piece. I wonder what Homer would have thought about that. Or the guy who translated Homer's books to English. Each one took him a decade and he considered them his life's work. On a 3/$10 rack.

Why would you dedicate your life to something like that? Seriously. How does it really impact the good of the race? I bet after he finished all that process, and he could finally sit back in his easy chair the first night after all the publication hubbub was finished, he was like "Well what the heck am I to do now?"....

If I'm going to make something my life's work, it's going to be something momentous, like world peace or teleportation.

Now I'm going to finish my tea and go to bed.

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