Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I’ve been waiting for a chance to blog these past few days, but it’s been ridiculously busy. And when I finally find the time to hook my computer up to the internet, I get distracted by facebook or Fugly Horse of the Day or other blogs or MSN. So I’m writing this on my computer’s word processor and I will transfer it later.

This wee has been intense. I’ve met sooo many people; it’s a little overwhelming. I really like the people I’m living with though. Here’s a quick overview of them.

Vanessa: my roomie, known her forever, we’re having a jolly old time.
Elaine: very quiet until we hung out a bit more. Funny sense of humour
Richard: also known as Jumpsuit. Good taste in music, and a nice enough fellow
Gary: also known as Dale. Bad taste in music, and a nice enough fellow. A farm boy.
Colin: moved in on saturday but no one has seen or heard from him since
Liz: seems nice but keeps very much to herself
Steve: also known as Gandalf. Looks nothing like the wizard, but reminds me of him nonetheless
Ryan: Steve’s roomie. Jock type. Pretty eyes.
Victoria: a little scary, actually. I don’t think I’ve even seen her uninfluenced.
Chris: moved in late. A little shy until he’s had a bit to drink.
Andrea: haven’t seen much of her, but she’s generally along with Victoria. And she and Jumpsuit have hit it off.... hmm.

And that’s it. I think we’re gonna get along okay this year. I’m secretly hoping a few people will drop out.
I also haven’t been very comfortable this week in general. I’m not used to having people around all the time, and even when they aren’t around, it’s noisy. I’m so used to having quietness. So I’m very tired all the time.

SO some of the events we’ve gone to have been interesting. We went to a Ramadan celebration for the free pizza and met a really nice girl there and chatted for forever. We went to a yoga class and it was outside, so it became more of a mosquito’s picnic. We visited this free water tank thing and had a nice long talk with the hippies running it. We’ve gotten like every available free dinner. We learned how to two-step last night.

My legs hurt cuz I’m also not used to this much walking.

I’ve had a few deep thoughts cross my mind this week, but I haven’t had the time to write them down, so I’ve forgotten them. Most of them have centered around the book I’m reading: All Quiet on the Western Front. It’s a novel about WWI written from the perspective of a young German soldier. The writing is fantastic, but the book is so sad that I hardly want to read it. The soldier, between battles and bombs and people dying and such always returns to the same point. When he joined the army with a whole bunch of his friends, he was eighteen. He keeps saying that none of them know what to do after the war because war is all they know how to do. They cant’ go back to school because after an education on the front it would seem ridiculous. They have no training for actual jobs. They have no family or land to tie them to a particular place. They are soldiers and that is all they can define themselves to society as. And the soldier constantly repeats that he wouldn’t know what to do if the war were over.

I really have to read a happy book. Between this and Nineteen Eightey-four I’ve been altogether too depressed lately. Chick novel anyone?

Then again I can never really feel satisfied with happy books. They’re way to unrealistic in a way. They always finish with a happy event, but generally the characters are still young. So the reader isn’t supposed to think that spot to the time where the hero gets cancer and wastes painfully away to nothing. The heroine (who is inevitably married to the hero) loses her beauty over time through the stress of family life. The plump little baby who enters only at the end of the story turns into a rebellious teens and makes her parents’ lives generally miserable until she runs away at age 16 and gets pregnant with the villan, who is mysteriously ageless.

And so there are no happy endings. And because I think of my life as a weird sort of novel, I don’t want a happy ending necessarily. I want one that is satisfying though. Where I can look at myself in the end and feel like I did what I could with what I was given, and I got what I could out of it, and I put what I could into it.

Rudyard Kipling is good with those kind of endings. I truthfully revere that man. Genius!

...I’m just going to keep adding to this until I get a chance to post it. The Colin fellow has made an appearance. Apparently he had commitments this weekend.
I went to a meeting this morning to get info on the College of Biological Sciences here. Apparently there are like 300 people wanting to get in to vet college that were there. I’m assuming there were some slackers who didn’t come. But that means I need to get mind-blowing marks. Oh well. If this all fails perhaps I can work in a coffee shop for the rest of my days? Ergh!

Flight of the Conchords continues to be my favourite method of stress avoidance

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