Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Time is, in current human understanding, a physical dimension. Sort of. So you know how there’s the first dimension (a point) and the second dimension is a line that you can move back and forth along. Once you get to the third dimension you can move in all sots of cool directions. But if you add time as a fourth dimension, you hit a problem. Instead of introducing a new range of directional freedom, it becomes a restriction. This is because time only can move in one direction and it is not possible to experience the same time twice.
And I think it’s this way for a purpose.
If time were truely fully dimensional, time travel would be possible. It would be possible to be living in any time of history. But there wouldn’t be history. Our brains can’t handle the concept that being able to move back and forth through time at will would make time an inconsequential measurement. There would be no such thing as progression or growth. Growth is a measurement of increase in size or amount over time. The only ultimate clock would be biological.
Age would be obsolete because let’s say I was born in 1990 and then in 1996 I warped to 1774 and in 1800 I went to 2009. How old would I be?
Also, people would abuse the ability to move to any age they felt like. I have a suspicion that technology wouldn’t advance because no one would stay in one place long enough for there to be science. But then at certain times there would be extreme overpopulation, and other points where bad stuff supposedly happened would be nonexistent.
It’s all a big schmozz. But I’m glad it’s not possible. It gives each individual a definite span in which they must live their life for good or bad.
Today has been exceptionally good. My roomie and I have both be giddy and silly for the past two days, so randomness and giggling are plentiful. And it’s raining outside in a way that’s nice to wander in.
AND my roomie had her chemistry lab partner over today to work on something or other. Quel garcon!
great taste in clothing&music, really friendly, smart, likes to debate, artistic (can play gitaur and sings), good looking, likes Flight of the Conchords and Bobby McFerrin...I’m oozing, I know, but he was kool!
It was pretty awesome.
And I’m really happy here at uni, which is new. I think it has something to do with the ridiculous volumes of juice I’ve been drinking.

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  1. some people might think that you are referring to a certain... type... of juice, but i know that's not the kind of juice you're drinking! lol.
    interesting thoughts of time, i'm currently reading The Time Travellers Wife which is a love story of two people, but the man sporadically jumps through time and sometimes comes across himself, and is like, 36 when he first meets his wife who is 6 and so they kind of grow up together along her time frame. like, when shes 9, he pops back into her time frame and he's maybe..23 randomly and eventually they find each other i nthe present but it's hard because he always disappears to another time period and she has to wait for him to come back. it's kinda confusing but i think i'm getting the hang of it. i think time travel would destroy some people when they have the knowledge of knowing the future, but not being able to change it. like, if you showed up in world war 1 at the exact moment that the one ally soldier had his gun pointed at hitler's head, and he let hitler go... would you take the gun and shoot him? what impact would that have on history knowing what will happen if hitler lives? i think it would destroy people inside, that kind of information.