Thursday, October 2, 2008


I've just realized that this is my 105th post. As in I've passed 100. And I still keep on top of it! Woah
Other than my journal, this is the longest I've kept up with anything. I may pick up with the journal again, but it's hard to get alone time, which I prefer for that sort of thing.

So yah, I have naught about which to blog.
This weekend promises to be insanity. Not sure how I'm getting from place to place or times or people, but there's gonna be stuff HAP'NING!

I had deep thoughts today, because it was a crazy weather day. Every time I went outside the weather changed. But there's a definite chill in the air, like winter is creeping up. I hafta bring back a new jacket after this weekend because the ones I have now aren't quite warm enough.

It's the time of year made for reminiscing about lost dreams and sad happenings. But truthfully, I'm not feeling it. I wander between my classes in the wetness and half smile to myself because I like the sound of water in my shoes (which have gaping holes in the bottom) and the feeling of cold misty wind down my neck and I LOVE being able to sneak up to people after getting in from outside and put my freezing cold hands on the back of their neck and watch them freak out.
But it does make me miss home too. All the things I'm used to with the changing of the season just aren't here. I can't leach heat off of Kyle every morning in music class. I can't freak teachers out by showing up to class drenched and shivering but intensely happy. I can't go wandering about philosophically in the adventurous feeling breeze with Jemma.

I don't know why I can't get away from that place in my life. I want to be living in the present, but it's really not that enjoyable. With the exceptions of juice and my roomie's guitar playing and the lack of mother, it's pretty bleak. I mean indoors. The moment I step outside I feel comforted, like I'm taking a walk with someone, but there's no one around. Inside there are people but they all are so shallow. I don't mean shallow like they only care about clothes and getting smashed every wednesday (WHY?!). I mean that too, but they're just one dimensional. You see a face and that's all they are. And yah. I'm not getting into that.

I'll just focus on when I'm happy. I love minute maid!!! Seriously, their frozen cranberry juice is more energizing than caffeine. It's also intensely sugary. Also, this weekend: I'm not sure where it's gonna take me, but I'm gonna be with the people that I love and that love me, so no matter what happens, I'll be down with it.

And getting good marks in uni is frikken HARD! oh my gosh! like one mistake and you get like 60%. I suppose I just wasn't prepared. Yay midterms next week...

And puddles: reflect infinity and are full of light.

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