Thursday, October 30, 2008

Out in the world

Where it's QUIET! I was about to have a mental, emotional, and convertible breakdown due to the country music blaring through my res. I hate it when a noise drowns out your own thoughts unless you put it there expressly for that purpose.

I lost all my blog thought dues to that.

Debating tonight. Quite an adventure. I was partnered with this philosophy major guy. Like HARDCORE PHILOSOPHY about everything. But interesting in spite of that. Anyway, we were debating whether Viagra should be marketed to people over 50. No one really had the energy to do a serious case, so the round fell entirely to crap, with our side (against Viagra for old people) bringing up points such as WWJD and sibling incest, and the opposition saying that it would be easier just to kill old people, and the JUDGE even getting in on the action with sarcastic comments. Then there were objects thrown and.... overall, a good debate.

Ok, this is backtracking a little, but I mentioned how philosophy guy was interesting in spite of himself. Like funny and stuff and entertaining. But I fb researched him (he added me!) and like seriously all he is is philosophy. What's with that? That's like having a lot of sauce, but no steak. Who does that?


I hate noisy people. I don't mean like loud, just noisy. Just a lot of sound and auditory pollution just eminate from them. And I just want to say SHUT UP! Don't you know what your missing? When you're noising away you can't hear what is going on. You can't hear the world; neither nature nor humanity. They all have a music a thousand times more necessary than this junk you spew out day and night. And even when I can't hear you I know it continues inside your mind, blocking you off from what the trees are shouting and the wind is singing and people are crying and dying but you still don't care Because you can't hear. Get out of your mind and into the world because in the end, you don't matter in the least.

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