Saturday, October 4, 2008


It does incredible things to an evening
I had started to write this on saturday but lost focus.
On friday night, it was a weird thing, but I stayed up till 5 am talking to a boy that I have never previously or ever will have romantic connections with.
Most people would find this weird, because their little minds are under the impression that the only grounds on which genderized minds touch are in a dating/sexual sort of sense.
I disagree.
Because people are people, and our gender does not define us as much as our humanity.
Most of my closest friends are guys. I think it's because they don't like all the weird drama stuff that entertains most girls, and I love that about them. And once you get to know anyone well enough, you stop classifying them as "jock" or "prep" or "nerd". Past that, you stop cassifying them in relation to their ethnicity or religion. After you know someone well enough, you throw out classification systems altogether (including gender and age, which are almost the last to go) and just know them as them. An individual. Of course we don't mave the mind room to know everyone that well. But hopefully the ones we do know in that way are worth it.

Huzzah for tea and talking till 5 am. I quite enjoyed it.

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