Friday, October 24, 2008

A Weird Handwritten Blog

(I wrote this on paper and then typed it out to post, as per directions of a friend. Emjoy :P )

Excuse me if physics notes are mixedin. We're learning about collisions. Elastic collisions, to be precise.
It's weird to blog on paper. It feels more like journalling, which I am pro at also, but it tends more towards emoism.
But maybe it's good to change mediums on occasion. It forces one to think about what one is saying.
There's an xkcd (*heart*) comic that shows two guys on computers typing nasty stuff to each other. Then a random chick floats up and transports the one guy to the other one's room and in person they just look at each other. Then there's a caption that says "it's easier to be mean to words than to people".
So here is a new campaign for me: don't say anything to someone through remote messaging systems that I wouldn't say to their face.
It's weird that I know people with whom every meaningful conversation that has passed between us has been over MSN.
What does that mean to a relationship? I think it shows that I somehow don't connect the wordscoming up on my computer screen with the face and emotions of the person typing.
That's a problem because I lose any and all tact/screening processes that normally stop me from being a witch to my friends. Not that I want to be a witch, of course.
It's like so: I talk on MSN generally at night before bed or if I just have time to myself. At these points in time I'm generally tired and thinking about my own mind/emotions far too much, nad then my poor unsuspecting MSN convos happen along and I type things I regret because whem I'm by myself I dispose of social pretexts and guidelines. It may sound like I'm trying to excuse my behaviour, but it's more like attempting analysis to find a way to stop.
So that's that.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow night! I have a midterm at 9am tomorrow, but after that I will be chilling with friends, getting some alone time (which I need DESPRATELY after this week), maybe seeing the horsey, and studying for my monday midterm. Yay!
Now for a ful analysis of my experience with paper blogging (plogging?)
  • no need of computer/internet
  • formatting is a breeze
  • reminds me of journalling and writing letters
  • looks like I'm accomplishing something
  • change in thought flow
  • make less spelling errors
  • hand cramps
  • wastes resources (paper)
  • people give weird looks
  • can't have hyperlinks to comics
  • have to retype it anyway
  • no spell check
  • not easy to go back and insert words or thoughts
I've also just decided to write some letters to people, because my pen is all warmed up now. I'll scam stamps from my house, becasue the parents have an excess thereof, and I get to save $! Yay!
Also, on the topic of plogging, I like the look of my own handwriting on apage. I feel somehow more accountable for what's on it. I also have discovered it's a mess.
Now back to inclined planes....bleh

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