Monday, October 13, 2008

On the other hand:

Res sucks.
The crap left out over the weekend has resulted in our suite being infested with fruit flies. I washed a lot of dishes and cleaned up a lot of mess and took out a lot of garbage today when I got back.
And I got a cold.
But I'm still pretty chillin'.
All this stuff is surface disturbances. Like a lake that gets crapped in by a seagull. The top is disturbed and gross, but way down deep in the cool, shady parts it's still clean and cool and still and zen. And the fish feed happily on the results of years of organic matter that has trickled down over the years and become something useful.
Yummy, metaphors for snack!
And I chatted with Greg today, which was interesting. I like that guy, he makes me smile :D

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